Yuki Yoshida/Relationships

Mafuyu Sato

Mafuyu and Yuki are old childhood friends. Yuki first came across Mafuyu who was sitting up against a tree. Yuki tried starting a conversation but Mafuyu remained silent for a short while. Mafuyu then decided to inform Yuki that Mafuyu's father would hit him if he spoke. Yuki and Mafuyu both ended up in a household with single mums. Despite their huge differences, they slowly began to give out the vibe that they were made for each other. They both went to the same middle school where they started dating. When they entered high school, they started playing music where Yuki played guitar. Yuki and Mafuyu only fought a bit. They would lose their tempers and exchange very harsh words. They both disappeared two days after a fight. One of the following nights, Yuki drank a large amount of sake even though he couldn't hold his alcohol. In his drunken stage, Yuki committed suicide by hanging himself in his room, after which Mafuyu found him and breaks one of the strings on Yuki's guitar.

Hiiragi Kashima
Yagi Shizusumi
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