This story page covers everything on Yayoi Uenoyama's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #01 Boys in the Band

After around 7.05am Yayoi enters her brother Ritsuka's room and throws a pair of his boxers on his face as he sleeps. She is not impressed that his "nasty boxers" were mixed in with her stuff and backhandedly declares herself his dear, sweet sister who brought them back to him.

Ritsuka's sister in his room

Yayoi in Ritsuka's room

Ignoring his question of how many times has he asked her to knock she awaits hand on her hip for Ritsuka to yawn before she turns the conversation topic to Ritsuka. Yayoi wants to know if they have band practice today patiently awaiting his reply. She does not react to Ritsuka saying to keep her relationship issues out his band but that swiftly changes to anger when he breaches the subject of Akihiko dumping her. Yayoi hurls a drinks bottle she was holding in Ritsuka's face asserting that he did not dump her.

A bottle thrown at Ritsuka

Yayoi throws a bottle at Ritsuka

The incident is thought of by her brother as he makes his way alone to school.

By the end of the day, Yayoi is lying on the couch with her phone and irascibly saying to Ritsuka that he is late, she was waiting for him to start baking the pizza. She points out it is in the freezer and to get to work.

Yayoi sitting at home

Yayoi sitting on the couch

When asked if she remembers what Ritsuka was like when he started playing, Yayoi recalls that he was just strumming it using her hand to imitate the motions.

Episode #03 Somebody Else

She is offered a ride by Akihiko to college. She is sitting on the couch with her brother on the floor and is asked about Akihiko, which she throws a pillow at Ritsuka.

Akihiko fixing Yayoi's hair

Akihiko fixing Yayoi's hair

Episode #04 Fluorescent Adolescent

Yayoi shows concern for Ritsuka, as he is focused and working really hard on something. Yayoi talks to Akihiko about Ritsuka and how he is acting like he used to be.

Yayoi watching Ritsuka from the door

Yayoi watching Ritsuka

Episode #05 The Reason

Yayoi is briefly shown running over to Akihiko.

Akihiko seeing Yayoi running to him

Yayoi running over to Akihiko

Episode #06 Creep

At the apartment, Yayoi and Akihiko arrive home with Yayoi noticing that Ritsuka is staring off into space.

Yayoi realizing the state Ritsuka is in

Yayoi realizing the state Ritsuka is in

Episode #08 Time Is Running Out

Before the live performance, Yayoi manages to say hello to Akihiko.

Yayoi catching Akihiko's attention (92)

Yayoi catching Akihiko's attention

Episode #9 A Winter Story

During the day of the performance, Yayoi comes up to Akihiko & starts to ask what is going on, but is cut off by Akihiko. Yayoi tells Akihiko to take care of Ritsuka for him.

After the performance, everyone walks out with Yayoi waiting for Akihiko but decides to leave.

Episode #10 Wonderwall

In Ritsuka's apartment, Yayoi begins to snip a section of her hair with Ritsuka & her father wondering what she is doing. Yayoi tells Ritsuka & her father that she has been rejected & will find a new guy.

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