Volume 2 of the Given manga contains five chapters/codes: Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, and Chapter 11.

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The band is starting to take off towards their first live. Mafuyu's in charge of writing lyrics, but he can't find the right words and remains unable to write anything. Uenoyama, who knows about Mafuyu's past, doesn't know what to do after realizing his feelings for Mafuyu. This story is about a fledgling band and exposing the past...


Additional Content in Volume 2

Itaya's speciality 043

  • Ritsuka discusses Shogo with another student unaware that he is renowned at football, called the most famous striker in the Kanto region. He thinks of Shogo asking they play basketball and the next day confirms with Ryou that it is the truth.

A pleasant life with his roommate 067

  • Four frames with Ugetsu's interactions with Akihiko during one day, from being happy his lecture has been cancelled, to practising the violin with Kaji.

Ever since their childhood 097

Background 165

There's really a dog who acts proud by catching insects 166

An important source of protein 167

The the sea 169



  • The second volume of Given reached #39 on Oricon, selling 17,484 copies in its second week for a total of 30,308 copies as of February 2016. 
  • The characters are positioned in the same order as on Volume 1.
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