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Given 2 is the second volume in Given manga series. It was first published in January 30, 2016.


As the band races toward their first live concert, Mafuyu struggles to write lyrics for their new song but can’t find the words to express the emotions burning within him. Meanwhile, Uenoyama hears rumors about Mafuyu’s past and is bewildered by his own feelings. The tension builds until the night of the show, when the band explodes into a raging, life-changing performance.[1]

List of Chapters

The chapters in this volume are referred as code, being them:

Volume Illustration

The second volume features Ritsuka Uenoyama, Mafuyu Sato, Akihiko Kaji and Haruki Nakayama on the cover.

Additional Content

Itaya's True Calling

  • Ritsuka discusses Shogo with another student unaware that he is renowned at football, called the most famous striker in the Kanto region. He thinks of Shogo asking they play basketball and the next day confirms with Ryou that it is the truth.

A Day in The Life (Of Roommates)

  • Four frames with Ugetsu's interactions with Akihiko during one day, from being happy his lecture has been cancelled, to practising the violin with Kaji.

Ever Since We Were Kids


You Know How a Dog Looks Proud When It Catches a Bug?

A Precious Source of Protein

To The sea



  • The second volume of Given reached #39 on Oricon, selling 17,484 copies in its second week for a total of 30,308 copies as of February 2016. 
  • The characters are positioned in the same order as on Volume 1.