Thanks to the creators behind the series and the welcome publicity we are very fortunate to know some of the inspirations behind the Given series. Very handy so we can visit these places and acquire the goods BECAUSE! Heading to Japan, to see the sights? Sure, just wanna see the areas that the anime and manga were based on mind. Swish new guitar, like to play? Maybe, just needed, wanted, gots to get it because it was in the show XD

In all seriousness though there is a reason why Given is such a nice series, the world and background benefit from the details, witness the glory:

Gibson guitar

Of the one and only Mafuyu's guitar, then real world locations in:

Given is a series grounded in reality in more ways than one, and yet even with it's real life influences the story and characters afford it a world of it's own.

Share any other inspirations for the designs in Given if you would like to!

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