Not only has the anime been released, and not only was all prepared to love it no matter what, it is actually better than even a best-case scenario!

Episode 01: Boys in the Band has set a brilliant tone, was always feeling it would be nice to see the manga panels adapted into anime, with the voices and of course music and would be perfect in every sense of the word.

And the Given anime is, and yet do see why people seem to like an anime better when it is faithful to the manga as this also is! Seeing select shots fulfilled a desire that didn’t even know was there; viewing shots of the manga in color so to speak.

The additions such as Kedama, the cutest pumpkin ever, right from the start also highlight a strength of anime that it can add more content than what a limited amount of manga panels can do.

After waiting patiently (well, ‘patiently’ as in make the Given anime come right NOW) just leaving a note to commemorate today when many people would have seen the first episode for the first time. Given is truly a special keeper, both now and for the many times in the future where Episode 01 alone shall be re-watched!

Trust everyone continues to love and enjoy Given!

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