With this Discussions post it no doubt dawned upon us all that whilst Given is amazing in every sense of the word it is missing one thing.

It is missing The Magic School Bus theme track.

Music like anime, make it happen! 🎸 🎙

(Ritsuka) Seatbelts, everyone!

(Mafuyu) Please let this be a normal field trip!

(Akihiko) With the Uenoyama? (Haruki) No way!

(The instruments) Cruising on down main street. You're relaxed and feeling good! (Yeah!)

Next thing that you know, you're seeing... Wa-ha-ha-hoo! Kedama in the neighborhood?!

Surfing on a sound wave! Jazz band swinging through the stars! (All) Yee-ha! Take a left into the studio. Take your second right past music bars!

On The Given School Bus! Navigate a guitar! (Mafuyu sneezing) Climb on The Given School Bus!

Spank a Haruki, too! (Akihiko) Take that!

On our Given School Bus! Draft a river of lyrics! On The Given School Bus! Such a fine thing to do! (Mafuyu star eyed in awe of Ritsuka) Whooooaaaa!

So strap your bums right to the seat, come on in and don't be shy, (Come on!) Just to make your day complete, You might get a kiss scene between two guys!

On The Given School Bus! Step inside, it's a wilder ride! Come on! Ride on The Given School Bus! (End with Mafuyu happy playing his new chord he learned).


Exactly the tune to hear on the most badboy radio! Electric guitars and rocking out is so cool and all but truly the band needs to perform this at live events. It shall surely get the ladies to throw their knickers at them without question. XD

Best if this tune plays on loop in everyone's minds XD

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