S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 14 September 2019

All aboard the Given School Bus! (Mandatory)

With this Discussions post it no doubt dawned upon us all that whilst Given is amazing in every sense of the word it is missing one thing.

It is missing The Magic School Bus theme track.

Music like anime, make it happen! 🎸 🎙

(Ritsuka) Seatbelts, everyone!

(Mafuyu) Please let this be a normal field trip!

(Akihiko) With the Uenoyama? (Haruki) No way!

(The instruments) Cruising on down main street. You're relaxed and feeling good! (Yeah!)

Next thing that you know, you're seeing... Wa-ha-ha-hoo! Kedama in the neighborhood?!

Surfing on a sound wave! Jazz band swinging through the stars! (All) Yee-ha! Take a left into the studio. Take your second right past music bars!

On The Given School Bus! Navigate a guitar! (Mafuyu sneezing) Climb on The Given Sch…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 2 September 2019

Real world inspirations for Given!

Thanks to the creators behind the series and the welcome publicity we are very fortunate to know some of the inspirations behind the Given series. Very handy so we can visit these places and acquire the goods BECAUSE! Heading to Japan, to see the sights? Sure, just wanna see the areas that the anime and manga were based on mind. Swish new guitar, like to play? Maybe, just needed, wanted, gots to get it because it was in the show XD

In all seriousness though there is a reason why Given is such a nice series, the world and background benefit from the details, witness the glory:

Of the one and only Mafuyu's guitar, then real world locations in:

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • and four instances alone.

Given is a series grounded in reality in more ways than one, and y…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 5 August 2019

Given Love

With the manga basis, the process of having the anime unveiled makes Given extra special. Yes series remain ever wonderful even if they stay as manga forever, goes without saying. And yet an anime adaption allows for a more detailed exploration of a world. Further appeal in color and sound, exactly like a novel being turned into a movie, everyone may love and appreciate it all!

With that, a blog post for everyone to share what they love about the Given series from the manga, anime, music, characters, everything is good to note! Specific moments, the dedication to the anime sticking to the manga, the additional scenes in the anime, there is so much!

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 12 July 2019


Not only has the anime been released, and not only was all prepared to love it no matter what, it is actually better than even a best-case scenario!

Episode 01: Boys in the Band has set a brilliant tone, was always feeling it would be nice to see the manga panels adapted into anime, with the voices and of course music and would be perfect in every sense of the word.

And the Given anime is, and yet do see why people seem to like an anime better when it is faithful to the manga as this also is! Seeing select shots fulfilled a desire that didn’t even know was there; viewing shots of the manga in color so to speak.

The additions such as Kedama, the cutest pumpkin ever, right from the start also highlight a strength of anime that it can add more c…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 17 June 2019

Expanding the Given site

Given is lovely, and this site can and will be an all covering online resource to detail everything about the series. Building article pages from the characters, manga and anime (incoming at this point of time, yes it’s exciting!) everything official shall be noted. Supporting the series by providing information to creating something that does stand the test of time so others may appreciate everything about Given, to many other noble reasons for taking part in this endeavour.

With refinement, updates and similar it shall always be a work in progress as other contributors leave the resource better than they found it but first, we actually need some pages!

The 100 pages listed are a solid foundation for everyone to build upon so articles are es…

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