A few manga spoilers

I legitimately have nothing better to do with my time other than stay on this wiki 24/7 so here is my third "given x" blog post! Today we'll be doing Owari No Seraph!

As always we're starting with Mafuyu Sato. I find him to be a lot like René Simm. I don't know why I just felt René vibes coming off of him, although they are similar personality-wise.

Next, as always, is Uenoyama Ritsuka. He would be our beloved, Yūichirō Hyakuya. Neither are in a rush to get their grades up but, they're passionate about what they do (For Yuu that would be slaying vampires and y'all know what it is for Ue).

Onto Haruki Nakayama. I think he would be Mikaela Hyakuya. Young Mikaela Hyakuya that is. They're both really kind, friendly, and upbeat. They're both also able to keep up a cheerful facade when they're in pain (As we can see clearly from Haruki in Volume 4 Chapter 21!! I am lowkey not over that. Shame on you Akihiko)

Next is Akihiko Kaji. I literally have no idea who he would be, to be honest. Sorry, but if you can think of someone please tell me in the comments.

Alas, onto Ugetsu Murata. After I brought together all 2 of my brain cells, I have decided, that Ugetsu Murata, is in fact, Ferid Bathory. Thank you and goodnight. (I don't know why I said goodnight its literally 2:30 pm??)

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