I recently made a post stating that I think that Yagi looks like Keiji Akaashi from Haikyuu!! and some people agreed so I took it upon myself to kind of match Haikyuu!! characters with given characters.

First up is Sato Mafuyu. I think he is a lot like Takanobu Aone from Date Tech High. He isn't like him in the looks department however he is a lot like him personality-wise. You could also compare him to Kenma Kozume from Nekoma High. Then again I also get Wakatoshi Ushijima vibes considering both are intense at specific times and are usually very dry and don't show too much emotion unless they're doing what they love (Playing volleyball for Ushijima and singing for Mafuyu.)

Second is Ritsuka Uenoyama. Hands down, he is Tobio Kageyama. No questions asked.

Next is Haruki Nakayama. He is 100% Asahi Azumane. They both have long hair, they're both really soft for people who look like they should be tough, and they both have trouble talking about their problems.

Now onto Akihiko Kaji. I kind of get Tetsurō Kuroo vibes. They both look intimidating but if you get to know them they have soft sides though Kuroo is a bit more playful.

Yay! Ugetsu Murata! I had a lot of difficulty with this one but I found out he is a lot like Tōru Oikawa. They're both passionate about their craft and they hate it when the person they're closest to (for Oikawa that would be Hajime Iwaizumi and for Ugetsu that would be Akihiko) gives up or doesn't try their best.

I would do Kashima and Yuki but I don't know too much about them so I can't really, however, if you can think of a Haikyuu!! character that is like them please tell me and if you disagree or agree about these character matches please tell me :) Have a great day!

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