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  • DragonKestrel

    Below are images that feature Given in the Top 10's according to Anime Trending.

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  • DragonKestrel

    Ever since the 7th episode of Given has aired, I couldn't help, but speculate about Kedama, or is their a another dog that isn't mentioned yet? So, this is my opinion on what I'm analyzing from the anime and the manga, so far.

    First, let's take a look at both of the dogs. If you don't know these dogs are Pomeranians, which are relatively small dogs that have a lot of personality and grow from 5.12-11 inches. They are cute and adorable with their fluffy coats. Fun Fact: I also had a Pom that I grew up with.

    Let's talk about the dog that was introduced to us in the first episode of Given, Kedama! Kedama is a very small dog that is owned by and lives with Mafuyu Sato. Kedama is extremely friendly and energetic towards Mafuyu. We know that Kedam…

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  • DragonKestrel

    May contain Spoilers We were first introduced with the opening and the logo of the announced Given manga and anime. But, their seems to be a little message that is left beside the logo. What does it mean you may be asking? When I saw this little message at first glance, I initially thought of a country album made by Blake Shelton titled "Bringing Back the Sunshine." I personally think that the small little message has a more deeper meaning that will play a big part later on in the story.

    For instance, in the intro of the Given anime, we are shown and introduced to the main and supporting characters of the series. But, one thing stuck out the most during the intro, Mafuyu Sato. Mafuyu is shown being surrounded by darkness, as he is left stan…

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