Craneface Craneface 10 August 2019

Random thought

Starting to feel like this anime should have a comedy tag because oh my god there are so many moments I die laughing at, almost more moments of that, rather than drama.

The faces all the characters can make are absolutely priceless, and I will now give a few example as to what had me drop dead because it was so funny that I repeated that scene 10-15 times before I continued watching the rest of the episode.

[[File:Mafuyu_disapointed_about_the_price.gif|frame|left|oh ok den :

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Craneface Craneface 28 July 2019

Anime and Manga articles for Characters

So far, the main characters has two articles, one for Manga and one for the Anime version. 

What of the other characters though, shouldn't making a second article be fit after whether there's enough content to cover a whole Manga article for the character?

Like stock characters, they don't really need a Manga and Anime article, but the main characters (and along with a few others) is fine, which is what we're currently doing. 

So far that's my idea

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Craneface Craneface 26 July 2019

Episode 3 "Somebody Else" Review

The episode did start emotionally but then it turned into a comedy shortly after. When Akihiko arrives at the school where Haruki is waiting, Haruki gets pretty p*ssed jealous. This part had me died laughing, priceless reactions and especially that face, I died.

Otherwise, the other half part of the episode was extremely emotional and it really feels different from the Manga chapters. The expressions, the voices, the sounds, everything was all on spot.

In the Manga I thought Hiiragi was looking more happy or excited than in the anime where he gave the expression as if he was rather"shocked" than excited to see Mafuyu again. That was an amazing detail. 

Same goes for the images we see of Mafuyu at the funeral and after, how he's affected by it…

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Craneface Craneface 20 July 2019

An idea to Relationships on Articles

So I'm thinking, since each character has a /Relationship article, I thought of only including the top three (plus/minus one extra) relationships would be nice because then the page wouldn't be so long and then we make more use of the /Relationship articles. And mostly because if we include all the characters on one article under ==Relationships== Section then the page would probably end up being never-ending. 

With the "top three relationships" we highlight the three characters that the character has interracted the most with during the series and therefor, has the most content describing their relationship. It's okay to include an extra character if there has been one in the past that had a lot to do with the character earlier on in the s…

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Craneface Craneface 11 July 2019

Anime is on the move!

So the anime has begun to air from tonight!

I cannot wait... Well I have to because when an anime starts airing, I always decide to save the episodes that I look most forward to, for friday nights where I can sit back and watch some amazing anime and well, here we go again. I am looking most forward to the songs, Mafuyu's voice, and all the incoming BL moments as well as drama scenes, I love it.

I've missed the "looking forward to" feeling and it's finally time to look forward to something each week once again. It's a great feeling, in fact it's probably the best feeling I've had in my life so far and I hope you all will enjoy it just as much as I am likely to do!

Feel free to make discussion post about what you all think of the currently air…

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