Starting to feel like this anime should have a comedy tag because oh my god there are so many moments I die laughing at, almost more moments of that, rather than drama.

The faces all the characters can make are absolutely priceless, and I will now give a few example as to what had me drop dead because it was so funny that I repeated that scene 10-15 times before I continued watching the rest of the episode.

Ritsuka confusedGif


Akihiko ready for meat

I mean come on, look that face

Tumblr pv7v36SfIE1wmi6rjo1 500

Ritsuka all "eh what ಠ_ಠ"

Ritsuka ready for meat

I myself wasn't even paying attention to what Haruki said in this scene, the faces were so funny what the hell lol

Akihiko trying to hold in his laugh

me irl

Mafuyu disapointed about the price

oh ok den :<

A bottle thrown at Ritsuka

why he holding his hand up like that lol

Akihiko knocks on Ritsuka

That's not very friendly Akihiko

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