The episode did start emotionally but then it turned into a comedy shortly after. When Akihiko arrives at the school where Haruki is waiting, Haruki gets pretty p*ssed jealous. This part had me died laughing, priceless reactions and especially that face, I died.

Akihiko trying to hold in his laugh

Otherwise, the other half part of the episode was extremely emotional and it really feels different from the Manga chapters. The expressions, the voices, the sounds, everything was all on spot.

In the Manga I thought Hiiragi was looking more happy or excited than in the anime where he gave the expression as if he was rather"shocked" than excited to see Mafuyu again. That was an amazing detail. 

Same goes for the images we see of Mafuyu at the funeral and after, how he's affected by it. That's a bonus. I love how there are bonus clips and scenes that weren't originally used in the Manga which makes the stuff extra exciting.

This episode is by far the best one I've watched.  Mostly because of the new characters introduced and the dramatic scene where Mafuyu runs off.

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