So the anime has begun to air from tonight!

I cannot wait... Well I have to because when an anime starts airing, I always decide to save the episodes that I look most forward to, for friday nights where I can sit back and watch some amazing anime and well, here we go again. I am looking most forward to the songs, Mafuyu's voice, and all the incoming BL moments as well as drama scenes, I love it.

I've missed the "looking forward to" feeling and it's finally time to look forward to something each week once again. It's a great feeling, in fact it's probably the best feeling I've had in my life so far and I hope you all will enjoy it just as much as I am likely to do!

Feel free to make discussion post about what you all think of the currently airing Anime adaption and what you think of it. Is it as good as the Manga adaption? Is it better? It might be difficult to tell what you think from just one episode, some of us probably can though and it's okay! 

Enjoy the Anime & Manga!

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