So I'm thinking, since each character has a /Relationship article, I thought of only including the top three (plus/minus one extra) relationships would be nice because then the page wouldn't be so long and then we make more use of the /Relationship articles. And mostly because if we include all the characters on one article under ==Relationships== Section then the page would probably end up being never-ending. 

With the "top three relationships" we highlight the three characters that the character has interracted the most with during the series and therefor, has the most content describing their relationship. It's okay to include an extra character if there has been one in the past that had a lot to do with the character earlier on in the story. All the other characters should be included in the "Character/Relationships" Articles.





The first three have a lot to do with Mafuyu in the story's present and are often highlighted together on official images. 

Mafuyu had a lot to do with Yuuki in the past and even in the story's present, Mafuyu mentions Yuuki from time to time as well as having flash-backs where the story revolves around the relationship between Mafuyu and Yuuki. Mafuyu states that Yuuki had a lot to do with Mafuyu's present self.

Thus, these three are highlighted because they all play a major role in Mafuyu's storyline. 

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