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  • My occupation is Gaming, Watching anime, Singing, Drawing
  • I am ded
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♫ My Favourite Characters ♫

Mafuyu Sato Anime
Ritsuka Uenoyama Anime
Yuki Yoshida Anime
Hiiragi Kashima Anime
Ugetsu Murata Anime

♫ Favourite Images ♫
♫ Favourite Quotes♫
  • "A story that took place one winter... A story that took place one evening... No matter where I go, you're there. You're always in my head. You're in everything I see. No matter where I go, I can still see you there, can smell your scent. I Can't forgive you. I can't forgive myself. But I want to. I miss you."
  • "I never... know how I'm supposed to react... at all... Everyone else can manage it so well... But I can't. Just like everyone laughs and cries... I just... can't do it well."
  • "Can't say goodbye. I'm still drifting with your echoes."
♫ Favourite songs ♫
  1. Mafuyu's song from his Live performance - So many feelings it gets me every single time I hear it
  2. Ending Song (Instrumental ver.)
  3. Opening Song
♫ Notes ♫

Only writing it here because I'm likely to forget Recently I've been very inactive and I could come up with a bunch of excuses that no one cares about lol, but hopefully the next few weeks, things might finally settle down a bit. Hoping you're all doing well

Sorting out stuff Edit

  • Remove expanding feature and instead, place Promotional Images between Synopsis and Summary on Episode pages
  • Converting JPG files to PNG files
  • Working on tabbers for front page
  • Sorting out Images for character Anime/Image galleries and sorting the order of each image (
  • Sorting out proper categories for Anime & Manga Character Articles
  • sort out tabbies for op/ed theme page lyrics
  • Fixing "Next" and "Previous" Features on Blu-ray & DVD Volume Infobox (dumb stuff im getting salty)

Designing stuffEdit

  • Making character Article quote pages and designing them as well as adding them to the tabbies
  • Customize episode gallery
  • Making boxies for lyrics
  • Working on headers for all the everythings on the Wiki
  • Make Chapter Infobox design
  • Add "Image Flashing" for when hovering mouse over an image?

Adding content to pagesEdit

  • Adding content to Yuki Anime and Manga articles (Story Article as priority to start off with)
  • Adding content to Hiiragi Anime and Manga articles (Story Article as priority to start off with)
  • I want to try (using the icons above the Character articles) to link them to the Manga version of the page one is currently on somehow
  • Add Character Navigation box to the Wiki

I'd like to keep things as organized as possible here, it might be too much for some people but I can't get a good sleep at night if I know something isn't organized the way I want it to be

♫ For venting ♫

try to make things work=doesnt work

try not to make things work=works ...............stupid s***

dumb tabbers

and dumb adding photos forever loading stupid as fddfsdfsdfdsf i hate it it happens too often 

and there's something wrong with the references on some pages that i cant edit without the whole page breaking

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