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  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Gaming, Watching anime, Singing, Drawing
  • I am ded
♫ My Favourite Characters ♫

Mafuyu Sato Anime
Ritsuka Uenoyama Anime
Yuki Yoshida Anime
Hiiragi Kashima Anime
Ugetsu Murata Anime

♫ Favourite Images ♫

♫ Favourite Quotes♫
  • "A story that took place one winter... A story that took place one evening... No matter where I go, you're there. You're always in my head. You're in everything I see. No matter where I go, I can still see you there, can smell your scent. I Can't forgive you. I can't forgive myself. But I want to. I miss you."
  • "I never... know how I'm supposed to react... at all... Everyone else can manage it so well... But I can't. Just like everyone laughs and cries... I just... can't do it well."
  • "Can't say goodbye. I'm still drifting with your echoes."
♫ Favourite songs ♫
  1. Mafuyu's song from his Live performance - So many feelings it gets me every single time I hear it
  2. Ending Song (Instrumental ver.)
  3. Opening Song
♫ Notes ♫

Only writing it here because I'm likely to forget Recently I've been very inactive and I could come up with a bunch of excuses that no one cares about lol, but hopefully the next few weeks, things might finally settle down a bit. Hoping you're all doing well

Sorting out stuff

  • Remove expanding feature and instead, place Promotional Images between Synopsis and Summary on Episode pages
  • Converting JPG files to PNG files
  • Working on tabbers for front page
  • Sorting out Images for character Anime/Image galleries and sorting the order of each image (
  • Sorting out proper categories for Anime & Manga Character Articles
  • sort out tabbies for op/ed theme page lyrics
  • Fixing "Next" and "Previous" Features on Blu-ray & DVD Volume Infobox (dumb stuff im getting salty)

Designing stuff

  • Making character Article quote pages and designing them as well as adding them to the tabbies
  • Customize episode gallery
  • Making boxies for lyrics
  • Working on headers for all the everythings on the Wiki
  • Make Chapter Infobox design
  • Add "Image Flashing" for when hovering mouse over an image?

Adding content to pages

  • Adding content to Yuki Anime and Manga articles (Story Article as priority to start off with)
  • Adding content to Hiiragi Anime and Manga articles (Story Article as priority to start off with)
  • I want to try (using the icons above the Character articles) to link them to the Manga version of the page one is currently on somehow

I'd like to keep things as organized as possible here, it might be too much for some people but I can't get a good sleep at night if I know something isn't organized the way I want it to be

♫ For venting ♫

try to make things work=doesnt work

try not to make things work=works ...............stupid s***

dumb tabbers

and dumb adding photos forever loading stupid as fddfsdfsdfdsf i hate it it happens too often 

and there's something wrong with the references on some pages that i cant edit without the whole page breaking

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