• (To Akihiko) "Aw. Who do you think you are, slave?"
  • (To Akihiko) "Are you at a level you don't mind showing me?"
  • (About Mafuyu) "Oh, I see... He's another one who's been blessed with natural talent."
  • (To Akihiko) "It's not bad, but it's not great, either."
  • (To Akihiko) "Music is all about seeing the actual live performance."
  • (To self) "No, seriously, it's not bad at all. But that's why it's such a waste. This kid could really be big if he had the right kind of trigger..."
  • (To Akihiko) "Akihiko, coffee."
  • (To Akihiko) "Said Aki, as he grabbed the mug to pour some for Ugetsu anyway."
  • (To self) "I wonder if I'll be able to see the kid who sang that song again."
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