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Ugetsu Murata (村田 雨月 Murata Ugetsu) is a character in the Given anime. He is a university student and an internationally world-renowned active genius violinist.


He has long wavy dark brown hair that reaches his jawline and whilst unkept, it keeps his light brown eyes and ears visible. Ugetsu wears a dark blue jumper with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms and dark blue trousers.

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Ugetsu is very intelligent and a prodigy violinist. He is generally a friendly person, he is warm and affectionate towards others, such as welcoming Akihiko home. However, he proved to be moody, and violent as well.

Ugetsu is very emotional but tends to hide his overwhelming feelings. When Ugetsu is under pressure he is easily irascible and unstable.


Ugetsu is remembered by Akihiko both playing the violin[1]and him holding Akihiko's hand to his face.[2]

He is sleeping beside Akihiko and stirs as he makes breakfast. Ugetsu rises to rest his head on Akihiko's shoulder and asks to let him have a bite, too and opens his mouth as he does so. Eating what Akihiko gives him, he then wishes for the humidity to disappear.[3]

Affirming that Akihiko can practice the drums, Ugetsu asks why before guessing he has a live performance. With Akihiko staring at him Ugetsu asks what, and then if he is at a level that he can show him. Asked if he will come, Ugetsu figures if Akihikois not at a level where he can reply to him right away then Ugetsu will not come. There is no point watching a performance if the performer does not have the confidence to do it well, before noting that Akihiko finally shows his motivation.[4]

With Akihiko's response Ugetsu laughs that he can keep him company with his duo violin practice this afternoon. Told to go with his new violin boyfriend, Ugetsu will not, he only likes his face.[5]


  • Ugetsu is trilingual, meaning he can speak three languages fluently.


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