This story page covers everything on Tsubaki's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #03 Somebody Else

She is first seen giving Mafuyu a tour of the studio for his part-time job.

Tsubaki willing to show Mafuyu around

Giving Mafuyu a tour

Episode #06 Creep
Tsubaki telling Mafuyu that his friend is here

Tsubaki telling Mafuyu a friend is here to see him

She informs Mafuyu on work, that a friend of his is here to see him. She then asks them if they have a lot to talk about and if so, they can take off.

Episode #08 Time Is Running Out

At the concert venue, Tsubaki is recognized by Hiiragi and is asked questions about Mafuyu.

Tsubaki talking to Hiiragi (1)

Tsubaki talking to Hiiragi

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