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Tsubaki (つばき) is a minor character in the Given series and guides Mafuyu Sato, who she works within a concert venue.


Tsubaki has short brown spiked hair with pale pink eyes and wears a V-neck white shirt.


She has a very friendly personality when interacting with other clients and companions and is supportive of Mafuyu.


At work at a music venue, Tsubaki evidently comes across Hiiragi Kashima and she leads him to who he is looking for. Finding Mafuyu as he tends to a drum set, Tsubaki points out his childhood friend. Telling Mafuyu that Hiiragi came and says he knows him, Tsubaki then complies with his request to borrow him for a while. In fact, if they both have many things to talk about then Hiiragi can just take Mafuyu with him and with that Tsubaki takes her leave.[1]


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