• Only gone and identified a good train track to violently wrench up and completely realign for you to speed away in the direction you seem to want to go! The following is one of those things that is obvious when stated but sometimes it's helpful to have it said in words by someone for it to resonate.

    Obviously considering oneself something, even wanting to do something may be a nice dream, but whilst nice, dreams are simply no good for people. Nothing good compared to reality at any rate. So let's make some dreams reality! Even if right now we prefer the blissful dream, want to be a writer? Let's at least give it a shot!

    Chapter overviews can be simple sentences so people can have an at a glance account of events. Helps to get the gist of what the chapter is about, can be a helpful reminder if time is a concern, like people just need to find which chapter a significant moment happened.

    This example is suitable (plus notes and the bottom for significant events/info) a concise overview of events which you could even do from memory so feel like doing an overview for Chapter 1, whenever you like? You make the rules... but let's make them good rules and habits that also help you get what you seem to like. Plus also helps the wiki so it's multiple versions of goodness all around!

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    • Um... Yeah sure!

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    • Nothing like sound advice, eh XD still that was fantastic! Some people seem put off by writing, like will it ever be 'satisfactory' and the answer is yes so long as it is there. Making the effort is all that counts, so be pleased!

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