• Would you be up for helping to build the Pet Wiki? The anime is due to air this October, has a four member cast like Given and has some... interesting dream like environments. Obviously can continue editing the wikis we are on but this could be another amazing series!

    If so shall we enable badges for the Pet Wiki or try a wiki without the badges?

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    • Yes yes yes I would love to help build the wiki!! I think Badges are really fun to have on wikis because you get to add content then you get a little reward for it : ) In my opinion, badges are a must!

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    • Sounds excellent, and you're exactly right badges make for lovely images we can gather. Wikis need to be built anyway so may as well enjoy all the features available and the badges are one of them!

      Will just wait for others in case they are available to join in and then can set about creating and editing pages so we can all score the Pounce! badges and likely the 100 edits in a day badge on the Pet wiki.

      Progress is all set to resume here on the Given Wiki indeed any others we are looking after, just Pet seems amazing, and honestly that closes the distance between now and the Given movie as we get to cover all the more amazing series!

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    • Pet does seem amazing! I figure I should start reading the manga just so I can have my facts straight and don't accidentally put false information on the wiki xp Hopefully this series helps us forget about the long wait that we have until the Given movie comes out lol

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    • A good plan, there are two versions of the manga the original and remastered but both have unique art styles for it and of course the anime is some divine real gloss that can realise the environments even more - it's going to be something else!

      We have to count on one another to find amazing series to fill the void between releases, no anguished long waits for us, we have Pet to fill the void and we can grab anything and everything else amazing... until more amazing is released in the Given movie XD is an extravaganza of incredibleness we get to surf on XD

      Requested badges which hopefully should be available by tomorrow in which case when we are on at the same time I'll publish the pages I am in the middle of editing for us all to edit so we can begin tallying for the Pounce! badge. Then it's all lovely groundwork for when the anime is released!

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    • It's always good to know that we have each others back especially with important matters such as these!

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    • Too right! We simply cannot languish in sheer agony (no exaggeration) that we have to wait?! for the Given movie, here's another great thing in the mean time!

      In any case shall resume preparing content for the present wikis, the thrill remains detailing what is available to love. And yes like I say let's keep everyone posted when the badges are implemented on the Pet Wiki to head into that : )

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