• Did you decorate the main page? If you did, I love what you have done with the design, it's very creative and welcoming to my heart. Especially, those chibi images of Ritsuka and Mafuyu.

    As for the image, I love how Mafuyu's cheeks are being squished, quite adorable for my liking. ^_^

    Episode 6 broadcast plan Twitter
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    • Cuteness overload!

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    • Yeah I started decorating the main page but it's not done yet, I'll work on it over time. 

      Also yes lol this image ahahha I love it 
      Vol 1 chpt 6 funny 02

      Just look 

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    • Well, you did a splendid job!

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    • The wiki could do something novel and have a manga compared to the anime section? Since it is adapting the manga so well, and bearing in mind for some inexplicable reason there are some groups who opt for the "manga or anime", which is better, as if there is a better.

      Not for everyone, limiting our interests having one or the other and comparing with the unintentional outcome that one is 'diminished' in comparison to the other, later to that, we shall have manga and anime since they are both marvellous!

      Showing both forms of glory like these two images side by side is the way to demonstrate it, plus two overlapping incarnations of amazing to view!

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    • Can we make a new thread for that? Idea

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    • Sure, related to the images but on the topic of gathering double the awesome from both manga and anime, here's the suggestion!

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    • A FANDOM user
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