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Shogo Itaya (板谷 翔吾 Itaya Shōgo) is a classmate of Ritsuka Uenoyama. He plays basketball and hangs out with him from time to time along with his other classmate, Ryou Ueki.


Ryuu has short messy orange hair with thin eyebrows above his orange eyes. He is seen wearing a raised collared black jacket with two orange buttons on the right over a dark yellow shirt underneath. When playing basketball he opts for a red collared jacket over a white shirt.


He is shown to be very caring and accepting towards other students, including inviting Mafuyu to play basketball with them.


He is first seen talking to Ritsuka about him and Mafuyu being buddy-buddy.

Shogo and his friend try to call for Ritsuka but is fast asleep. They spot Mafuyu at the door and ask if they should wake him up. Shogo asks Mafuyu if he wants to play basketball with Mafuyu accepting. Shogo compliments Mafuyu on his basketball skills.