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Shizusumi Yagi (八木 玄純 Yagi Shizusumi) is a character who is Mafuyu's former classmate and childhood friend in the Given manga. Shizusumi formerly played drums in a band with Yuki and Hiiragi who he is childhood friends with.


Shizusumi has short brown spiked hair with his forehead visible and physically small eyes. He is seen wearing a black T-shirt, white trousers, and sneakers.


He seems to care a lot about his band members and childhood friends, expressing shock at Hiiragi having met Mafuyu again. He shows a caring side to Hiiragi, ruffling his hair and telling him not to worry able to tell when he is worrying. He is generally shown to be quite reserved, but does speak at times.


code. 6

Informed through some means that he was to meet with Hiiragi, Shizusumi finds him near a vending machine at night by a train bridge. He says sorry for being late before being surprised to hear that Hiiragi had just met with Mafuyu. Asking if he has been keeping in touch with him he hears it is not the case only that Hiiragi only met him by chance at the station the other day.

He appears taken aback to see Hiiragi laughing that Mafuyu is in a band now, and so Shizusumi grabs and ruffles his hair. He tells Hiiragi that there is nothing to worry about.[1]

code. 9

It is recalled by Hiiragi that after Shizusumi moved in the middle of the school year that he joined the childhood friend group including Mafuyu and Yuki.

Presently he has Hiiragi resting on his stomach. He does attend the live event and awaits Mafuyu's performance to begin.

code. 10

Shizusumi is standing near Hiiragi as they notice that Mafuyu's guitar strings have snapped.


He is a foster child

He is shown to eat a lot during band practise

He used to play sport

He is noted to "have a great face, physique and glorious voice" by Hiragii

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