Saeko is a female character that is mentioned by Hiiragi in the Given series.

Appearance Edit

Saeko has short hair and is seen wearing a striped blouse as well as wearing jeans.

Personality Edit

She was really happy to hear that Mafuyu was learning music.

Story Edit

Saeko is mentioned by Hiiragi when he speaks one on one with Mafuyu in their second meeting when he asks if Mafuyu has seen her. Hiiragi reveals she had been told by him that Mafuyu had started playing music again and was very happy to hear of this.[1]

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Saeko has not been seen or described physically, until an extra short story called Strawberry Swing features her first appearance in the manga.

References Edit

  1. Volume 1: code. 6 (Page 11)
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