This story page features complete detail on Ryuu Ueki's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #01 Boys in the Band

He helps Ritsuka up during a game of basketball and notices that he seems out of it today.

Helping Ritsuka up

Episode #04 Fluorescent Adolescent

Shogo and Ryuu wait to see if Ritsuka will wake up until they notice Mafuyu wondering if Ritsuka is here. Mafuyu calls for Ritsuka and Ryuu and Shogo head off to play basketball.

Episode #05 The Reason

He joins with Shogo and Mafuyu in a game of basketball since Ritsuka is asleep.

Ryuu & Shogo looking over at Mafuyu

Episode #06 Creep

In art class, Ryuu tries to stop Shogo from going around the classroom and showing other students his drawing.

Ryuu's drawing

During a game of basketball, Ritsuka, Mafuyu, Shogo, and Ryuu sit against a wall with Shogo asking Mafuyu if he's going to play basketball. Ryuu tells Shogo to be quiet after learning that Mafuyu will be Shogo's enemy. Ryuu joins with Shogo and Ritsuka in a game of basketball.

Ryuu sitting with his friends during a game of basketball

During a game of bowling, Ryuu and Shogo take turns bowling with Ritsuka watching.

Episode #07 Tumbling Dice

Stood near Shogo in the school corridor, they both watch Ritsuka and Kasai interact below. Ryuu says for them to go, before noticing and greeting Mafuyu walking towards them.

He tells Shogo to stop creeping with him being curious about the scene before them. Silent as Shogo wonders aloud why Ritsuka is so popular, Ryuu is embraced by him and agrees that they both plan to watch Mafuyu and his band perform.

Ryuu looking out the window with Mafuyu & Shogo

Episode #08 Time Is Running Out

In class, Ryuu witnesses Shogo having no emotions and tells Shogo to go play with Shogo telling him that he doesn't want to play by himself since everyone is worried about finals. Ryuu tells Ritsuka that he's probably busy with concert prep. Ryuu tells Shogo that if they get below 70 percent in world history, then they get extra homework.

Ryuu with Ritsuka & Shogo in class

During the day of the performance, Ryuu and Shogo get tickets.

Ryuu & Shogo at the concert

Episode #9 A Winter Story

After Yatake's performance, Ryuu & Shogo note how the vocalist was acting funny & that Ritsuka's band is up next.

Episode #10 Wonderwall

At school, Ryuu talks to the other students about yesterday's performance.

During lunch break, Ryuu, Shogo, Mafuyu, & Ritsuka rock paper scissor's with Ritsuka losing. Mafuyu, Shogo, & Ryuu request their orders to Ritsuka, as he heads to go get them. Ryuu asks Mafuyu if he's feeling better with Mafuyu telling him that he felt better after he slept. While Shogo brags to Mafuyu about him crying, Ryuu tells Shogo to stop.

Episode #11 Song2
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