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Ryou Ueki (植木 涼 Ueki Ryō) is Ritsuka's classmate. Ryou enjoys playing basketball and is close friends with Shogo.

Appearance Edit

Ryou has short messy blonde hair with yellow eyes and wears a red jacket over a white T-shirt.

Personality Edit

Not as talkative compared to other students, Ryou enjoys playing basketball and is friendly to students from other classes such as Mafuyu.

Story Edit

In class he and Shogo head to play basketball as Ritsuka heads to spend time with Mafuyu insteas[1] He fails to stop Shogo sharing his drawing with other students then in basketball learns who they will be playing against.[2]

He oversees Ritsuka's exchange with Kasai before agreeing to see Mafuyu and his band play live.[3]

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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