Ryou Ueki (植木 涼 Ueki Ryō) is Ritsuka's classmate in the Given Manga. Ryou enjoys playing basketball and is good friends with Shogo Itaya.


Ryou has messy blonde hair with yellow eyes and wears a red jacket. He is also seen in basketball attire consisting of a sleeveless top and dark shorts.


Possesses a calm and collected personality, and is friendly to people. He takes a "no-nonsense" approach to Shogo antics around other people, such as holding him by the head when Shogo was excitedly speaking to Mafuyu.


During basketball practice at school, Ryou helps Ritsuka to his feet after he fell and asks him why has he been out of it since yesterday.[1] before resuming the game.[2]

In class, Ueki observes Ritsuka sleep as Ryo calls to him that it is lunchtime. He sees Kasai tell them she will wake him then Mafuyu arrives asking if Ritsuka is here. He is surprised by Mafuyu shouting Ritsuka’s name when Shogo tells Mafuyu that Kasai is taking Ritsuka away.[3]

In his art project, he has his drawing accosted by Shogo who shares it to Ritsuka and others giggling wildly as Ryou attempts to get him to stop to little avail.[4]

He grabs Shogo by the head when he has wrapped his arm around Mafuyu as they all witness Ritsuka’s exchange with Kasai outside the school window. Ryou keeps his hand on his hair whilst Shogo speaks casually to Mafuyu. He is then pulled close as he says they will both go and watch Mafuyu’s live performance since both of them like music.[5]


From Japanese meaning "refreshing"


  • According to Shogo he likes music specifically live performances.


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