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This story page covers everything on Ritsuka Uenoyama's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #01 Boys in the band

At 12.50 pm the school alarm goes off as Ritsuka lies face at his desk in class 2 – 10. He is shaken by a friend and declines going to get some bread, he is too tired. Yawning off the prospect of playing basketball he leaves to take a nap instead, unaware that he is being watched.

First coming across Mafuyu

Walking by himself through the corridors he manages a wave to basketball friends as he passes them until he comes to a secluded stairway. He finds Mafuyu sleeping there and visibly reacts when he opens his eyes to see him.

Ritsuka remains silently staring until he is motioned to join Mafuyu. With him taking a seat beside him he is taken aback by Mafuyu asking who he is but shares his name.

Losing patience over Mafuyu’s lack of talking, he demands he say something and to use his damn words as he deems Mafuyu creepy. Continuing, Ritsuka points out that Mafuyu’s guitar strings are rusty, that is why one of them broke and suggests to fix it already. Asking why Mafuyu even owns a Gibson if he cannot even maintain it, he reacts strongly to Mafuyu suddenly drawing very near to his face.

Inching away as Mafuyu queries whether his guitar can be fixed. Ritsuka affirms, of course, it can and asks him to back off. He sees Mafuyu’s face as he is asked if it really can be fixed but answers he probably cannot fix it right now when asked, he does not have the tools.

He cannot remain silent for long as Mafuyu’s body language grows more despondent and Ritsuka storms back to his classroom angrily stating if Mafuyu would stop looking like the whole world ended over a broken string. Bringing his own guitar and repair utensils, Ritsuka sees to the tuning keys at the top of the guitar and uses cutting pliers to snip the guitar strings to replace them.

As he brings out his Niccolum Wound replacement strings, Ritsuka vents that now he feels bad like he got Mafuyu’s hopes up just so they could crash back down. He demands his nap time back as he is watched intently by Mafuyu.

Completing the repairs, he responds to Mafuyu’s happy clapping by ordering him to be happier, praise him and pay him for the strings. Ritsuka is irked once more and tells Mafuyu not yet when he moves to touch the guitar strings, the newbie is to hold his horses.

Testing the guitar he just fixed for Mafuyu Sato

After testing the strings himself he does not notice Mafuyu’s awed reaction to him playing but listens when he is seized by his shirt and asked to teach Mafuyu how to play that thing. Open-mouthed and wide-eyed Ritsuka monologues that it all started here with that chord he played. He had no idea that he was strumming on Mafuyu’s heartstrings with his own fingers. As his shirt is held by Mafuyu, Ritsuka explains that he needs to tune it first. As this moment is thought back to, it was this encounter that sent Ritsuka's world racing forward at full speed.

Having his boxers flung in his face by his sister

After five past seven in the morning, Ritsuka is sleeping in his bed before waking up to his boxers being thrown in his face. Asking what the hell, he hears from his elder sister Yayoi that his nasty boxers were mixed in with her stuff. Ritsuka responds by asking how many times does he have to tell her to knock before yawning. Asked whether he has band practice today he tells Yayoi as he has said, do not bring her relationship issues into his band. Voicing the impression that Kaji already dumped her, Ritsuka has a juice bottle thrown at his face in response.

Younger first learning music

Making his way to school he damns that Yayoi. With his guitar on his back, he remembers that he started playing guitar in sixth grade when receiving his dad’s guitar. Thinking that he was not going to be Thom Yorke or Keith Richards right off the bat, he never could handle things not going the way he wanted but by the time he got to high school he was finally able to play the way he wanted.

In class Ritsuka stares out the window, thinking of Mafuyu and not paying attention to the teacher. Now that he thinks about it he guesses he almost cried when he first broke a string, too, thinking that he had broken his guitar.

Hands in his pockets he stands at the base of the corridor stairs as he beholds Mafuyu sleeping there once more. Thinking so they meet again, he depicts Mafuyu as someone he is tentatively calling “teach-me-guitar-dude”. He is pertinacious that he is not teaching him as he walks up and wakes Mafuyu by placing his hand on his head. As he awaits Mafuyu to register that he is here he internally vows that he will defend his napping spot.

His determined expression flips to a taken aback one as he hears Mafuyu voice his name and is thanked for helping him yesterday, replying sure. Presented a 1000 note bill in payment for the strings Ritsuka is then offered further gleaming cash with Mafuyu asking him to teach him how to play guitar. He does not take it seriously, declining, he does not need Mafuyu’s money and further rejects some spicy Yakisoba bread he is offered as payment.

Declining the offer of bread to teach Mafuyu guitar

Announcing that he can try and win him over with money or bread, Ritsuka turns it all down having never taught anyone how to play guitar. Laying down to nap he advises Mafuyu to just look up how to play, and recommends he join the light music club and try and join a band with their members.

Jerking upright when Mafuyu mimics the word band, Ritsuka snaps if he needs to explain that, too. Upright next to Mafuyu he asks what is with him bringing up that Mafuyu carries a guitar around knowing nothing about it. Ritsuka's words instigate a downtrodden reaction in Mafuyu and Ritsuka reacts to his crestfallen expressions by assuring him to not get all depressed.

With his words having little effect, Ritsuka takes a moment before telling Mafuyu that he did not say it was a bad thing before returning to his nap. He is touched by Mafuyu and asked again to teach him how to play the guitar.

Aware that he is being followed

With class finished Ritsuka cautiously checks outside the door before making a hasty getaway, not paying any heed to his classmates observing him. Walking along a street he does not need to turn to be aware that Mafuyu is behind him and he tells him to stop following him. He ceases walking again to glance behind at Mafuyu with the reminder that he told him to ask someone else if he wants to learn guitar, waving him off as he does so. He stops a third time to glare round where he confronts Mafuyu who is plainly visible behind his hiding space of a lamp post. Glaring down at him Ritsuka relents and brings Mafuyu with him to his band practice.

At the studio, standing in front of Mafuyu he responds to Kaji’s question on who he is by articulating that he feels like he has picked up a stray puppy. Asked what he means Ritsuka asserts that he tried to lose him but just could not. Unable to keep his cool he turns to Mafuyu instructing him to show Kaji some respect and takes the time to help Mafuyu understand that Kaji looks really scary but is actually a nice guy, emphasizing that he just appears scary.

He says hey to Haruki when he enters the room paying no mind to his startled reaction at Mafuyu there as well. Instead, he tells Mafuyu that Haruki is their bassist before explaining what that role entails, being part of the rhythm section in their band.

Steadying Mafuyu's guitar as he introduces himself to Akihiko Kaji and Haruki Nakayama

With a tap on Mafuyu’s shoulder, he prods him to go on to introduce himself to them both, steadying Mafuyu’s guitar as he bows to them. Haruki and Kaji are prepared to play, Ritsuka asks whether they are sure about this. He moves to whisper to Kaji that Mafuyu is new to this all and does not understand any of it. He looks to Mafuyu's awed demeanor continuing to whisper that he is probably expecting some kind of godly performance.

Resuming his place beside Mafuyu he observes them both contemplating their next move before interjecting on how bad do they want to impress people. Ritsuka then dismisses the scenario, deciding for them to just play like they usually do. Setting up his electric guitar he asks Haruki and Kaji what do they even mean when they suggest that Ritsuka tops off their playing with some fancy, modern guitar play.

Focusing back on Mafuyu he asks him what his name was again, and then what kind of guitar does he want to hear. Asking in the same manner he then requests what kind of song Mafuyu wants to hear, judging Mafuyu’s request to hear something cool as abstract.

Having a blast playing the guitar

Delivering his musical rendition on the electric guitar, Ritsuka then walks through a lamp-lit street with Mafuyu voicing why is he walking him home. Glancing at Mafuyu as to whether he is listening Ritsuka says his name to get his attention. His reply is no way when asked if Mafuyu can see them play again. The response to being asked to teach Mafuyu guitar is to tell him to knock that off, he has never taught anyone, he does not even know how to teach.

Telling Mafuyu to check out the light music club

Ritsuka insists for Mafuyu to stop asking, he would be better off joining the light music club before immediately noticing a car coming towards them. Taking ahold of Mafuyu’s arm he pulls him close. Remarking that was close Ritsuka points out that Mafuyu needs to watch behind him. As he guides Mafuyu to one side he says for him to not get smart with him in response to Mafuyu replying that he cannot see behind him before pointing at him to go check out the light music club. He is not trying to be mean, just telling Mafuyu for his own sake.

Arriving home at 7.30pm Ritsuka hears that he is late by Yayoi. He has to wonder about her both as his sister and as a lady when she looks like that. Ritsuka says it is his bad about her wait for the pizza they were to have.

Preparing it from the freezer he asks Yayoi if she remembers what he was doing when he first started playing guitar. He was stupid to even ask her when he hears that he was just strumming it. Adding the pizza to the microwave, Ritsuka finds that he does not really remember himself and in his mind confirms that teaching someone how to play from scratch is too much for him right now.

Vividly remembering Mafuyu’s face he wonders if his eyes used to look like that, too, and again thinks of Mafuyu as he was staring into the night sky.

Visualizing Mafuyu's lost puppy look like a pom surrounded by flowers

At basketball practice, Ritsuka falls over. He takes his friend's hand as he is helped to his feet with the excuse that he was just thinking. It is bugging him and he glances at the gym exit having not been over there since yesterday. Ritsuka has a feeling that he would break if Mafuyu asked him again. He calls for Hosokai to switch with him taking a moment to sit against the wall. He is pretty sure that Mafuyu is waiting there, even now and with that lost puppy look on his face, he bets as he visualizes a white fluffy Pomeranian encircled by flowers.

Clutching his face Ritsuka wonders why does he have to feel so guilty about this. Though he does indeed go to his nap spot, he is surprised to see that Mafuyu is not there as before. Checking around just to be certain, he thinks why is this bothering him so much.

He considers whether Mafuyu gave up, he did not show up here yesterday or today. Nevertheless, Ritsuka continues to wait atop the stairs for multiple instances.

At work staring open-mouthed absentmindedly

In a convenience store, Ritsuka crouches staring absentmindedly at produce. He does not acknowledge Kaji’s observation that his mouth is hanging open, neither when his head is knocked and asked if anyone is home. Hearing from Kaji that he has been making that weird face for a couple of days now Ritsuka replies that is how he always looks. His response is what the heck does he mean when he is told by Kaji that he usually has a regal look about him.

Removing his work clothes he reminds Kaji of Mafuyu’s name. He busies himself with his clothes as Ritsuka is asked why does he not look after Mafuyu, that he might be a good motivation for him. Ritsuka is visibly surprised to hear Kaji state that he was on fire performing the other day. Stunned he thinks was it actually showing on his face.

Arriving at the studio along with Kaji he stares open-mouthed at seeing Haruki there with Mafuyu himself as well. He cannot conceal his facial expressions maintaining eye contact with Mafuyu who turns his head to him specifically. Only paying attention to Mafuyu, Ritsuka asks him what the hell is he doing here, pointing and stepping towards him to then be held in place by Kaji. He is told to listen to this by Haruki and Ritsuka see’s that Mafuyu was able to change his guitar strings all by himself.

The reaction to being told that he is cooler than anyone at the light music club

Asked if he has tuned it right, Ritsuka notices the plasters on Mafuyu’s fingers, then asks if he went to the light music club. A detonation indicates Ritsuka’s views towards being told by Mafuyu that he is cooler than anyone at the light music club.

Episode #02 Like Someone In Love

Stepping up to join Mafuyu as he naps on the stairway, Ritsuka has changed his mind to teach Mafuyu the guitar but tells him not to expect serious lessons or anything. The justification is that if he does not teach him, Mafuyu is never going to drop it.

Sitting together on the steps

Tuning his own guitar he acknowledges Mafuyu staring at him by asking him what. Patiently, Ritsuka asks Mafuyu what is different about his guitar, before asking in what way assuming it is the color or model. It is the latter and Ritsuka divulges that his guitar is a Fender Telecaster and that Mafuyu's is a Gibson hollow-body.

Asking if he seriously has no clue what his guitar is, he realizes the effects his tone and choice of words have on Mafuyu who appears dispirited. At first, Ritsuka clenches his jaw in vexation thinking that he is so annoying, Ritsuka then dismisses the conversation stating that the model is not important so long as he can play it.

He asks if Mafuyu knows how to tune his guitar, and hearing a note informs him that it is not tuned at all, it is off-key. Watching Mafuyu before losing his cool briefly when he asks why, Ritsuka discusses whether he tuned it right, incensed to learn that it was done yesterday. The smallest things can throw off tuning before Ritsuka ends staring openmouthed when asked what a peg is.

In class, Ritsuka checks his phone for online guidance on how to teach guitar. Around 2.22pm as lessons occur he wonders that it is probably too early to teach Mafuyu chords as he sketches a guitar with the parts labeled. Ritsuka feels Mafuyu being able to play a song would make him feel like he can actually do it. He rejects the idea to start with how to read tabs as he wonders what he was like when he first started.

At the studio, it is 6.15 pm and Ritsuka gives his positive feedback after hearing Haruki play. Drinking some water he asks Haruki and Akihiko if it is okay if he brings Mafuyu next time. Ritsuka reasons that it is probably better if Mafuyu plays as much as he can at first, instead of overthinking stuff. They agree and Ritsuka responds to their light teasing that if they are not going to take their break they are going back to practice.

Yelling at Akihiko & Haruki

During school time he greets Mafuyu good morning when finding him at the lockers. Asking if he is free Ritsuka invites him to come by and watch their band practice if he wants. Walking down the corridor he ignores Mafuyu's eyes fixed on him all the way.

It is 12.50pm when he tells his classmate again he is skipping basketball practice. He looks to another classmate pointing out that Mafuyu is waiting for him.

Taking the train together, Ritsuka explains what Mafuyu is to do when they arrive before sharing details of Haruki and Akihiko. Ritsuka is surprised to hear Mafuyu describe him as amazing, but he does not see what is so amazing about being in a band with a college and graduate student that his bandmates are.

Arriving at Shimo-Kitazawa Station he waits as Mafuyu has to reload his IC card with the barrier having closed before him. Noticing Mafuyu daydreaming by himself, Ritsuka snaps him out of it before reminding him that he has been to the studio before.

Making it to the studio Ritsuka answers Mafuyu that he does practice a lot, one cannot get any better otherwise. Outside the door, he makes sure Mafuyu is not having second thoughts. Entering the room where Haruki is, Ritsuka instructs Mafuyu to sit down. Asking Haruki if he is sure Mafuyu should play, he is surprised Mafuyu is ready to do so.

Rather than explain Ritsuka helps Mafuyu plug in his guitar demonstrating that the cable connects that to the amp. He teaches that Mafuyu should check that the power is off and the volume is at zero. In response to Mafuyu's concern at getting it wrong, Ritsuka gives the go-ahead to experience it first hand quelling Haruki's concerns that it is better Mafuyu learn first hand.

Seeing that Mafuyu has done it without a problem, Ritsuka guides him through playing. He does suggest teaching him a C chord but shows Mafuyu how to play the first one he heard from Ritsuka and returns his smile as Mafuyu successfully plays it. This gradually changes for Ritsuka to order that Mafuyu cease repeatedly playing it, he gets that he is happy and can stop now. [[file: Ritsuka feeling proud for Mafuyu.png|thumb|left|220x220px|Feeling proud for Mafuyu His tutoring continues into the night with the pointer that Mafuyu will generally play between the pickups. He suggests memorizing a couple of chords, to begin with, to gain some familiarity with what they sound like.

Explaing about the chords

By daytime, Ritsuka is telling Mafuyu that he can pick whatever song he wants but that he should master it. His suggested method is to start with the intro, then learn the verse before it dawns on him that all Mafuyu has been saying is "kay" and Ritsuka asks if he is actually listening. Somewhat exasperated at hearing it again, Ritsuka now has no idea if he is getting through to him.

With Haruki and Akihiko joining them, Ritsuka picks up on what they are talking about, adding it is something he never has enough of. He joins them in suggesting Mafuyu choose a part-time job with money being vital for a venue to studio fees.

Towering over Mafuyu

At a restaurant, Ristuka sits beside Mafuyu with Haruki and Akihiko as they watch a commercial featuring Haruki. Ritsuka shares that like Haruki, his sister also gets her hair treated once a month. He answers Mafuyu that not all band people have part-time jobs if they are rich as he asks if he is loaded.

Looking through the part-time work magazines Ritsuka agrees that working somewhere that feeds you is vital. He works with Akihiko at a convenience store, and also for a moving company as well expressing keenly that he wants to get as buff as Akihiko. With Akihiko listing off his other jobs, Ritsuka demands to know why he did not invite him to work with Akihiko there, all denied on account he is a high school student.

Carrying boxes

His face falls when Haruki suggests Mafuyu work at a concert venue. Ritsuka is not fond of the idea, he does not want to hurl seeing some high school cover band playing basic J-pop songs.

Around 8.06pm Ritsuka is walking back alone with Mafuyu before he asks how good at guitar does he want to be. Ritsuka mentions again that he has not taught anybody before and has no idea if he is even doing it right and checks if Mafuyu is fine with that.

Eating in his classroom during a break, Ritsuka is asked by a classmate if he and Mafuyu are suddenly super good friends. He has been spending more time with him than them as Ritsuka concentrates on correcting Mafuyu's surname to Sato, not Suzuki or Tanaka as his friend states. They are joined by another student who perceives that neither Ritsuka or Mafuyu are exactly sociable, are in different classes and have different personalities and so all the girls are wondering what is up. It is then pointed out to Ritsuka that Mafuyu himself is there and taking his guitar he leaves them both for him.

In their own area, Ritsuka resumes teaching Mafuyu how to play the guitar demonstrating how it is supposed to sound with more practice. As he plays, Ritsuka thinks Mafuyu is a much faster learner than anticipated and he finds it sort of nice, watching someone grow but he is still a mystery to him. Ritsuka is also uncertain why he is so interested in music either also observing that his guitar is not one a beginner would usually have.

Thinking it's nice to watch someone grow

Contemplating the guitar further Ritsuka breaches the subject with the question of whether Mafuyu got his guitar from his dad or something. He is sorry to hear that Mafuyu does not have a dad before changing the subject to what kind of music does Mafuyu like, such as a favorite song. Ritsuka waits patiently in response to Mafuyu's blank silence as he considers whether he is getting through to him.

Feeling uneased by the response

Flummoxed learning that Mafuyu has a song that plays in his head all the time, but he is not sure if he actually likes it, Ritsuka proceeds anyway to ask what is the name. Mafuyu does not know but Ritsuka hears him sing the tune instead an experience that resonates deeplyi n Ritsuka. After listening tears are bought to his eyes and he lowers his head wondering what the hell was that. Serious, once more he asks Mafuyu if he wants to join the band.

Wondering what that was

Episode #03 Somebody Else

Ritsuka tries to talk to Mafuyu, but Mafuyu has been avoiding him lately. Ritsuka finally is able to talk to Mafuyu for a short time, before a friend of his, Hiiragi, puts Mafuyu into a state of shock. Mafuyu runs away from the incident. Ritsuka finally manages to catch up to Mafuyu only to notice how sad he looks. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu a few questions including the reason why he won't join their band. Mafuyu explains to Ritsuka about being in a band and what others think of him. Ritsuka becomes enraged by the response and yells at Mafuyu. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu to sing him that song again since he likes it. Mafuyu sings to Ritsuka during the night, since Ritsuka is a mess. Mafuyu and Ritsuka sit together and Mafuyu accepts the offer of joining their band and working with Ritsuka.

Episode #04 Fluorescent Adolescent

Ritsuka suggests that Mafuyu should get an effect pedal. The two go shopping in a city called Shibuya, where they come across two music stores that have effect pedals. Mafuyu takes a liking towards one of the effect pedals, only to realize the pricing for it. Ritsuka and Mafuyu reach another music store that has a cheaper price of effect pedals. Mafuyu tries to pay the cashier, only realizing that he doesn't have enough. He decides to work for the money by writing his name down on a piece of paper. Ritsuka and Mafuyu walk back home together with Mafuyu thanking him.

Episode #05 The Reason

In the studio, Ritsuka listens to the plans of performing live on stage. Ritsuka notices Mafuyu staring at him with determined eyes for him to use the song during the performance.

At school, Ritsuka is fast asleep, while Ryuu and Shougo try to get his attention, but decide to hang out with Mafuyu. Ritsuka wakes up from the sound of an airplane and makes his way over to the stairs to sleep. Ritsuka notices Mafuyu playing basketball and is astounded by Mafuyu's skills and smile.

At a barbeque restaurant, Haruki talks to his fellow band members on how they're going to perform on the stage while cooking on the barbeque. Haruki asks if any of them are listening before Ritsuka, Akihiko, and Mafuyu go crazy. Ritsuka and Mafuyu nod their heads goodbye to Haruki and Akihiko and head home on a subway. Ritsuka recalls on how things are going smoothly. Ritsuka gets a text from Mafuyu about him managing to buy an effect pedal and asks how the song is going. Ritsuka replies that he is happy and the song is almost done.

At school, Ritsuka waits for Mafuyu's response as he is listening to Ritsuka's song. Ritsuka is told by Mafuyu that he likes the song a lot. Ritsuka and Mafuyu notice the bell and head off to class before Mafuyu has the chance to thank Ritsuka.

In his art class, Ritsuka is asked by Kasai to be her partner. The two sit by a window with Kasai asking Ritsuka a series of questions. Kasai speaks her thoughts to Ritsuka of Mafuyu being dangerous to hang around. Ritsuka is left abruptly stopped by Kasai's words.

Episode #06 Creep

In his art class, Ritsuka is informed by Kasai on Mafuyu being too dangerous. Hearing the sounds around him as a scratched CD, and even remembering Mafuyu appearing happy, Ritsuka breaks the tip of his pencil. Ritsuka begins to ask Kasai a question but is abruptly stopped by Shogo to laugh about a terrible drawing Ueki drew. Kasai tells Ritsuka that the last thing she said was unnecessary and that it was just a rumor. Kasai continues to tell Ritsuka that Mafuyu's childhood friend, Yuki Yoshida, did in fact die. Ritsuka has a flashback of Hiiragi asking about Mafuyu's guitar with him having a weird feeling that is twisting up his stomach.

At Ritsuka's apartment, Ritsuka begins to think deeply and by not having to breathe a word to anybody that day. Yayoi and Akihiko arrive at the apartment informing him that they're home. Ritsuka welcomes them with his unexpected mood. Yayoi becomes freaked out and informs Akihiko about Ritsuka staring off into space. Akihiko asks Ritsuka if he can borrow a charger. Ritsuka is shown the video of Akihiko adding his drumming skills to Ritsuka's guitar and Mafuyu's singing to the song. Ritsuka starts blushing in front of Akihiko with small flowers. With Akihiko comparing and describing Mafuyu's singing, Ritsuka asks Akihiko what is that feeling with him explaining to Akihiko that part of him wants to run away from hearing it, though part of him likes it. Akihiko starts laughing out of nowhere Akihiko calms down and asks Ritsuka if he has the melody down. Ritsuka feeling a little shy and embarrassed tells Akihiko yes. Ritsuka is told by Akihiko to have Mafuyu write the lyrics with Ritsuka thinking the exact same thing.

At the studio, Mafuyu tells Ritsuka that he doesn't think he can do it. Ritsuka places his hands on Mafuyu's cheeks and encourages him that he can do it. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka what he should write. Haruki tells Mafuyu that anything is fine, since music is about going with the flow. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu if he has anything to say with Mafuyu not having anything to say. With Haruki suggesting that Mafuyu should write about past love experiences, Ritsuka thinks of how Haruki brought it up at a bad time.

During a game of basketball, Ritsuka, Mafuyu, Shogo, and Ryuu sit against a wall with Mafuyu asking Ritsuka if he's going to play basketball. Before Ritsuka can answer the question, Shogo pulls Ritsuka and Ryuu and tells Mafuyu that there are current and former basketball team members. Ritsuka decides to join in the game of basketball with Shogo and Ryuu while looking back at Mafuyu who is still thinking about the lyrics for the song.

At Ritsuka's apartment, Ritsuka gets a text from Shogo on meeting up and hears that Mafuyu isn't responding.

During a game of bowling, Ritsuka sits back and watches Shogo and Ryuu taking turns.

In school, Ritsuka is fast asleep with Shogo trying to get his attention. Ritsuka is told by Ryuu that he can sleep and will be called down when they're ready.

At the stairs, Ritsuka sees Mafuyu at the top sleeping. Feeling grief for Mafuyu, Ritsuka continues up the stairs to say hello to Mafuyu and takes a nap. Ritsuka listens to Mafuyu talking to him about writing the lyrics and how he loved someone, as he's sleeping. Ritsuka begins to realize that it's definitely jealousy.

Episode #07 Tumbling Dice

At the studio in the present day, Ritsuka becomes irritated with Mafuyu if he is actually practicing. Ritsuka is held back by Haruki and is told to not go off without letting Mafuyu respond. Ritsuka is informed by Haruki that he has been acting weird lately as well. Ritsuka and Haruki are both left speechless. Ritsuka has a flashback of Mafuyu telling him that he had someone he truly loved and starts to have an urge about Mafuyu.

Outside during the night, Ritsuka is punched in the face with a water bottle offered to him by Akihiko. Ritsuka discusses his feelings and thoughts about Mafuyu to Akihiko. Ritsuka realizes that Akihiko has had the same feelings just like him in the past. Ritsuka asks Akihiko if there is something wrong with him and if he should admit his feelings.

At school, Ritsuka offers to help Kasai take out the trash with Kasai discussing to him why he is being nice to her. Ritsuka is informed by Kasai about the rumors of Mafuyu and how it was petty of her. Ritsuka tells Kasai that he is glad to find out and that they're both even.

At the studio, Ritsuka is put in charge of watching Mafuyu as Akihiko and Haruki take a break. Ritsuka sits next to Mafuyu and notices Mafuyu laying on him. Ritsuka tries to keep his heart at a steady beat. Ritsuka pokes Mafuyu a few times and takes a look at his hands. Ritsuka notes how Mafuyu's fingers are callusing like a pro's and that his hands used to be like that. Ritsuka realizes that Mafuyu is up and immediately pulls his hand away. Ritsuka is told by Mafuyu about not getting anywhere with the lyrics. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that he still has some time. Ritsuka notes to himself about being scared of Mafuyu's song.

At school, Ritsuka comes across Mafuyu and is asked about the part that he is stuck on.

At the stairs, Ritsuka teaches Mafuyu the rhythm with Mafuyu following along. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that it sounds good and all he needs is to play without looking at his hands. Ritsuka notices Mafuyu standing up and becomes anxious. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu to play one more time.

At the studio, Ritsuka becomes angry with Akihiko's answer about stopping their practice. Ritsuka is explained by Akihiko about Mafuyu's skills. Ritsuka hears Akihiko talking to Mafuyu and wonders why Akihiko is pressuring him.

During traffic, Ritsuka tries to get Haruki's attention on the road. Ritsuka is told by Haruki that Akihiko suggests stopping because of him. Ritsuka is explained by Haruki about his flair being gone and him being swallowed up by Mafuyu's sound.

Episode #08 Time Is Running Out

During the evening, Ritsuka begins to put his shoes on with Yayoi asking if he has an umbrella. Yayoi questions Ritsuka about his guitar with Ritsuka telling her that they're not practicing. Ritsuka has a flashback of Haruki telling him about being swallowed up by Mafuyu's singing. Ritsuka starts to walk away from his apartment.

In class, Ritsuka is told by Ryuu that he's probably busy with concert prep. Ritsuka is left questioning by what Ryuu said with Shogo telling them that he doesn't care about his finals, but will still be there for his gig.

At the crosswalk, Ritsuka walks over to see Mafuyu waiting. Ritsuka starts to show some concern for Mafuyu and walks over to him. Ritsuka stands near Mafuyu with Mafuyu not paying attention. Ritsuka moves closer and looks at his arm. Ritsuka lightly smacks Mafuyu and Mafuyu is brought back from thinking. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu if he is studying for his finals with Mafuyu telling him not really and that he'll fail modern Japanese. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that he feels him. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu goodbye with Mafuyu doing the same. Ritsuka starts walking but stops to turn around and look at Mafuyu.

At the concert venue, Ritsuka, Akihiko, and Haruki wait for Mafuyu. Ritsuka has a flashback of seeing Mafuyu at the crosswalk. Akihiko tells Ritsuka and Haruki that if Mafuyu plans on singing, they should hold out. Ritsuka and the others turn around to see Mafuyu behind them.

During rehearsal, Ritsuka and his band members stand on stage and practice for the show. Ritsuka notices how Mafuyu hadn't sing. During the day of the performance, Ritsuka looks over at Mafuyu and tells him and Akihiko to go without the vocals. Ritsuka notes how he's kinda relieved. Ritsuka tells Akihiko that they've always been an instrumental band with Akihiko telling him that he won't fight with him on this. Ritsuka tells Akihiko and Mafuyu that there's always next time with Mafuyu questioning about next time. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that they don't have any lyrics and don't know what else they're supposed to do. Ritsuka is told by Mafuyu that it's the first time he heard him give up. Ritsuka questions what Mafuyu is saying with Mafuyu tightening his grip on the guitar and telling him to always go for it and that he can do it. Ritsuka yells at Mafuyu telling him to wake the hell up and that he couldn't do it. Mafuyu starts to clutch the guitar string, which ends up breaking and both are left unable to respond.

Episode #9 A Winter Story

During the day of the performance, Mafuyu breaks his guitar string, Ritsuka, Akihiko, & Mafuyu are left speechless. Ritsuka notes to himself how the performance is all over. Ritsuka & Mafuyu are asked by Haruki what happened. Ritsuka is told by Haruki to run to the shop in front of the station to get some string. Ritsuka is explained by Haruki that hat when a string breaks, you just have to fix it. Ritsuka is asked by Haruki if he was the one who fixed the string for him when it happened the first time. Ritsuka recalls fixing Mafuyu's guitar & starts running with Yayoi watching him.

Outside, Ritsuka buys the supplies from the store & starts running through town. While running, Ritsuka recalls his moments with Mafuyu.

Back at the concert venue, Ritsuka manages to arrive with the supplies panting. Ritsuka is informed by Haruki that he asked a band to play another two or three songs & that they can relax. Ritsuka tells Haruki thanks to Haruki giving Ritsuka a look & telling him to cool off before going on stage. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu if he can change the strings.

In the green room, Ritsuka begins to replace the guitar strings & compares that a heart is similar to those strings. After finishing the guitar, Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that he likes his sound & was trying to give him a little push, but realizing that Mafuyu was the one pulling him up. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu his feelings & that he also sucks at trying to put his feelings into words.

On the stage, Ritsuka, Mafuyu, Akihiko, & Haruki make their way up the stage. Ritsuka calls Mafuyu with Mafuyu looking back at Ritsuka & Ritsuka realizing that he's spacing off. Ritsuka is asked by Haruki if he got it all out of his system. Ritsuka tells Haruki that he did when he accidentally snapped the string. Ritsuka, Akihiko, & Haruki look at Mafuyu with Haruki telling them to have fun. Ritsuka, Haruki, & Akihiko begin to have fun on stage. Ritsuka smiles back at Mafuyu & Mafuyu is about to shed tears. Ritsuka puts his arm around Mafuyu's neck & heads back with him. Ritsuka looks down at Mafuyu tightening his grip on his shirt. Ritsuka kisses Mafuyu on the mouth. Ritsuka & Mafuyu's lips begin to separate from each other with Mafuyu about to shed a tear. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that he did so good & head out to play another song.

Episode #10 Wonderwall

In Ritsuka's apartment, Ritsuka lays in bed with him comparing hearts to guitar strings & how he felt when he first performed on stage. Ritsuka hears a noise & comes out of his room to see his father trying to confront Yayoi. Yayoi begins to snip a section of her hair with Ritsuka & his father wondering what she is doing. Yayoi tells Ritsuka & her father that she has been rejected & will find a new guy. Ritsuka starts to think of Akihiko dumping his sister with him being shocked & remembers a flashback of the last time Yayoi talked about being rejected. Ritsuka leaves the room with him closing the door & starts to think about love. Ritsuka has a flashback of what happened after the live performance & is left questioning if he actually kissed Mafuyu. Ritsuka is left feeling like he is in space & starts to question what Mafuyu feels about him.

At school, Ritsuka falls asleep while his classmates talk about yesterdays live show. Ritsuka is finger poked by Shogo & is asked by Kasai to pay Mafuyu a visit.

During the day, Ritsuka looks at his texts from Mafuyu & carries a bag of groceries with him. Ritsuka decides to come to a conclusion that if he's going to die, might as well go while he's still young. Ritsuka arrives at Mafuyu's apartment & rings the doorbell. Ritsuka begins to ask Mafuyu if he is okay, but notices the state Mafuyu is in. Mafuyu says hello to Ritsuka, while an explosion goes off in front of Ritsuka. Mafuyu invites him inside, while he ponders about the house smelling like Mafuyu. Mafuyu opens his bedroom door with Kedama coming out to greet him. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu why he gave the dog a cat's name with Mafuyu telling him that his name is Kedama & is happy to see him. Ritsuka is asked by Mafuyu if he's not coming in with Ritsuka telling him that he brought the groceries for him since his mom isn't here. Mafuyu starts to feel a little faint with Ritsuka telling him to not collapse in the hallway. Ritsuka walks over to Mafuyu & tells him that he'll walk him to his bed. Ritsuka leaves a wet towel over Mafuyu's head & tells him where he put the food. Ritsuka is asked by Mafuyu if he is going with Ritsuka telling him that he'll just be in the way & that he needs to sleep. Ritsuka is told by Mafuyu to stay a little longer with Ritsuka telling Mafuyu that he's surprisingly pushy. Ritsuka is told by Mafuyu to stay for five more minutes, leaving Ritsuka to feel reluctant to leave & decides to stay. Ritsuka begins to trace his finger under Mafuyu's eye & talks to him about if the song he wrote was about his heart breaking. Ritsuka is told by Mafuyu that it was & wants to write a different song with him rubbing his face against Ritsuka's hand. While Mafuyu is left fast asleep, Ritsuka begins to wonder that the Mafuyu that was unleashed by that song yesterday was amazing & if there is a next time he wants it to be him.

At the barbeque restaurant, Ritsuka, Haruki, & Akihiko celebrate for yesterdays show & Mafuyu feeling better. Ritsuka, Mafuyu, & Akihiko are asked by Haruki what he is holding with them later realizing & becoming hyped. Ritsuka & Mafuyu watch the performance together & Haruki tells them about a friend of his that uploaded the video & wants them to perform another live. Ritsuka & Mafuyu are asked by Haruki if they want to do it with Ritsuka about to respond, but Mafuyu answers for him. Ritsuka & Mafuyu are told by Haruki about not knowing which direction to take. Ritsuka wonders if Mafuyu understands the question. After Mafuyu describes his experience on stage, Ritsuka, Haruki, & Akihiko give a piece of their meat to Mafuyu. With Mafuyu suggesting a name for the band, The band decides on the word "Given" with Mafuyu asking if it's decided just like that. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that they all agreed on it & tells him about bands picking their names with Mafuyu feeling uneased.

During lunch break, Ritsuka, Mafuyu, Shogo, & Ryuu rock paper scissor's with Ritsuka losing. Ritsuka heads out to get lunch for his friends.

During the day, Ritsuka & Mafuyu wave goodbye to Haruki & Akihiko as they board the subway train. While on the train, Ritsuka is asked by Mafuyu if he has any plans with Ritsuka telling him that he doesn't & if he has something to say, out with it. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu if there is somewhere he wants to go. Ritsuka tries to calm himself down in his mind & tells Mafuyu that he doesn't have the money to go far, but he'll take him wherever he wants.

At Yokohomo Minato Mirai, Ritsuka begins to wonder why they came here with Mafuyu looking around & running off. Ritsuka notices Mafuyu running & tries to keep up with him. Ritsuka yells to Mafuyu not to jump into the ocean or something, but is stopped by Mafuyu's smile. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka if Minato Mirai is amazing & tells him that it's his first time here with Ritsuka telling him that he came here a few times before for school stuff. Ritsuka is told by Mafuyu that it seems like a popular date spot with Ritsuka about to become irritated, but is stopped by Mafuyu's hair blowing in the wind. Mafuyu nudges next to Ritsuka & tells him that he likes him. Ritsuka becomes confused with Mafuyu's response with Mafuyu telling him that he loves him.

Episode #11 Song2