Ritsuka Uenoyama's interactions and relationships with other characters in the Given manga and anime.

Mafuyu Sato

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Ritsuka first comes across him sleeping alone on a stairway accepting his offer to sit beside him. He notices Mafuyu's rusted guitar strings and eventually relents to fixing them for him despite a pressing need to nap instead. He becomes a reluctant guitar teacher to Mafuyu. Ritsuka quickly realizes that Mafuyu is an exceptionally talented singer, and invites him to join the band. Mafuyu and Ritsuka started to develop feelings for each other.

Akihiko Kaji

Sharing Akihiko's expression at the visitor to the studio

A college student and member of Ritsuka's band where Akihiko plays the drums. Ritsuka describes him as scary looking but a nice guy. He knows he is a second-year student at the same college Haruki goes to.
Haruki Nakayama

Ritsuka thinks he is a grad student not being entirely sure, and that he might be studying something to do with the video.

Yayoi Uenoyama

His elder sister who he grew up with when in the sixth grade she flatly told him his guitar playing sucks. They are close as brother and sister, Yayoi enters his room of her own will to hurl his boxers that were mixed with her laundry. She responds to his opinion that she was dumped by Kaji, by throwing a bottle filled with liquid at him.

Shogo Itaya

Skipping basketball practice

A classmate who encourages Ritsuka to take part in activities be it buying bread during their breaks at school or playing basketball. Ritsuka is questioned on his new friend in Mafuyu with them both described by Shogo as not very sociable. They are friendly overall and play basketball together.
Ryuu Ueki
Hiiragi Kashima

Ritsuka and Hiiragi performs together when Hiiragi's band needed a guitarist. They often ends up arguing about little things and yell at each other as Yagi is sitting silently by the drums looking at the two fighting. Ritsuka observes Hiiragi's performances playing music and envy him for his act of being extrovert and cool in public.

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