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"When I had forgotten my passion when I started playing guitar, I met in the middle of winter. I was attracted by the mid-winter voice that I heard by chance, and I began to embrace special feelings." ― Uenoyama Ritsuka

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Ritsuka Uenoyama (上ノ山 立夏 Uenoyama Ritsuka) is one of the main characters of the Given manga. He is an accomplished guitarist with a strong mindset despite being just a high school student. In a band with Akihiko and Haruki, one day he comes across and helps Mafuyu with his guitar. He is dating Mafuyu Sato


He has short, bluish-black hair that leaves his ears visible and his fringe parted in a fashion that leaves some of his forehead viewable. Uenoyama has blue eyes and wears casual attire including a white undershirt with a dark unbuttoned jacket. He is also seen wearing dark trousers and white shoes.


He is a considerate and compassionate guy and is also a genuine younger brother of his sister Yayoi. Uenoyama shows little consideration for small talk and can be quick to be irate. He can be smug when showing his high test scores and says he can understand theory-based subjects. Uenoyama can be very attentive to the feelings of others, particularly Mafuyu.


He began playing the guitar in sixth grade when his dad gave him an unused guitar and Ritsuka practiced around Yayoi.

Ritsuka liked music from a young age

Thinking then that he could not play like Thom Yorke or Keith Richards right away he continued practicing until he played correctly. Listening to music CDs he has been swallowed by the music and when he entered high school he decided to pursue music just as he planned. Before he knew it, when he played to a certain degree the feeling of excitement from back then had already faded.[2]


code. 1

In class 2-10, Ritsuka lies head down on his desk before declining to go and get some bread with Itaya. He says he is sleepy and declines the offer to play basketball as well. Opting to skip fifth period and nap, he simply asks Itaya to take notes for him.[3]

First coming across Mafuyu

As he walks through the corridors he thinks that recently he found a place no one goes to. Yawning off a request to play basketball from another person he only thinks it feels nice arriving at his location at a secluded stairway. He finds someone sleeping in his place, and reacts by thinking for him to not just sleep there. Making eye contact when the boy awakens, he is recognised as the guy from the class next door and wonders who was he again.[4]

Trying to think what his name was, Ritsuka pauses as he is gestured to join the person still holding onto a guitar. Wondering why he is offering a seat, Ritsuka takes it anyway sitting beside him with Ritsuka initiating conversation that he could have just said something. That, and he states that his guitar strings are rusty and asks should he not cut them and fix it already.

In the middle of Ritsuka asking why a guy who cannot even maintain his guitar regularly owns a Gibson Semi, he immediately reacts with shock telling him that he is too close when he suddenly draws very close to Ritsuka's face.[5]

Asked if the guitar can be fixed, Ritsuka is outwardly confused but internally observes that he spoke. He replies of course, whilst still thinking that he is still too close. Ritsuka turns his head away as the boy asks if he can fix it right away, Ritsuka guesses, and when asked for now, he replies now is a bit before trailing off. His silence intensifies as the boy grows further disheartened beside him.[6]

Testing Mafuyu's guitar he repaired

The shared silence ends with Ritsuka overcome with rage at how annoying it is as he provides repair equipment. Snipping the rusted strings he lambastes him for acting as if it is the end of the world just because of the strings. Connecting the strings to the guitar bridge he continues that he would feel bad if he were to just leave now, but seriously wants his nap time back.[7]

The repairs complete, Ritsuka demands he be grateful, respect him and pay for the replacement strings when he receives applause. His irritation has not subsided as he says he is not done yet and for him to be patient. He tunes the guitar before using a plectrum to test the sound.[8]

Simultaneously at having his jacket grabbed and to his surprise also asked to teach him how to play like that, Ritsuka also thinks that at that moment, when the chords were strung that without knowing this guys heartstrings were struck. Presently Ritsuka begins discussing the tuning, whilst thinking to this moment that now he remembers that encounter, that was the event that quickly began to change his world but at the time did not notice a single thing.[9]

After thinking to when he started guitar in grade six[10], Ritsuka remembers Mafuyu's face when he asked if his guitar can be fixed. Ritsuka looks out the window in class, now that he thinks about it he too was on the verge of tears when his strings snapped for the first time.[11]

The next day, declining another friends suggestion to play basketball, Ritsuka says sorry as he heads to the stairway. He pauses before thinking that he is here, the guy who wants him to teach him guitar. Ritsuka is resolute that he will decline his request. Walking up to ruffle his hair to wake him, Ritsuka is certain he is here to defend his napping spot before experiencing a sharp turn in expression when Mafuyu dreamily says his name and thanks him for yesterday.[12]

Speechless at being offered money for the guitar strings, Ritsuka thinks is he serious when money is presented for him to teach guitar. Although Ritsuka thinks to himself that he really wants it, he brushes off the cash telling him he does not need to pay him. Offered bread, Ritsuka tells him to listen that even if he paid him or gave him that, he has not taught something the guitar to someone before. It is then suggested that if he wants to learn there are music clubs.[13]

Suggesting that he make a band or something and rolling over to nap, Ritsuka is furious to discover that Mafuyu does not know what a band is. He lividly inquires what is wrong with him, carrying a guitar around when he does not even know what a band is. There are crestfallen silences as Ritsuka asks if he is serious before turning up at a studio where he tells his bandmate Akihiko on who the guy with him is. Having brought him along Ritsuka explains to Akihiko that he felt like picking up an abandoned dog, he seriously could not leave him.[14]

He focuses on Mafuyu, instructing him to make sure he introduces himself to Akihiko properly, and not to hide behind himself. Elaborating that Akihiko's face looks scary, he is actually a good person.[15]

His reaction to Haruki arriving is to delineate him as the bass player for Mafuyu's benefit. With his silence, Ritsuka taps him to prompt him into introducing himself with Ritsuka holding the guitar on Mafuyu's back as he bows.[16] Beside him, as he does so[17] Ritsuka then confronts Akihiko asking if he is sure with his plan to perform then and there.

code. 2

Stating that Mafuyu is an amateur who knows nothing, Ritsuka points to him under the impression that Mafuyu is probably expecting some kind of godly performance.[18]

No longer concerned for Akihiko and Haruki's induced apprehension on his part, Ritsuka simply does not care anymore and is ready to just play like they usually do. He interjects that their joke is outdated, asks Haruki what a beautiful modern guitar is before turning his attention to Mafuyu. Ritsuka requests a reminder of his name, and then what does he want to listen to. Grimacing that "something cool" is too broad, Ritsuka nevertheless begins playing his guitar at once[19] giving an energetic performance with his band for Mafuyu.[20]

Afterward, he walks and wonders aloud why he has to take Mafuyu all the way to the station. Ritsuka asks if he is listening when he isn't. Ritsuka replies no to Mafuyu's question if he can come again, and additionally for him to stop requesting that he teach him the guitar. Having never taught anyone before Ritsuka would not know-how, then advises Mafuyu to go to a light music club instead.[21]

Noticing something behind Mafuyu, Ritsuka pulls him aside from a car driving too close. He explains it is dangerous so Mafuyu should stick to the footpath, and make sure to look behind. Ritsuka tells him to not take the words so literally before ending with the light music club suggestion is not done out of meanness but for Mafuyu's sake.[22]

Announcing that he is home to his older sister Yayoi, he ignores her observation that he is late to announce that he has his doubts that she is his sister or a girl when she is like that referring to her overall. Ritsuka heads to prepare the pizza Yayoi has for them both asking is she remembers what he was like when he first started guitar. He knew he should have asked her hearing it described as scratchy.[23]

Preparing the pizza, Ritsuka reflects that he cannot remember much and considers if he were to teach a beginner from square one, he would have a lot of responsibility. He thinks of Mafuyu looking at the sky, wondering if he also had that look in his eyes.[24]

Taking a harmless fall in basketball practice, Ritsuka is helped up by Ryu but cannot answer him why he has been out of it since yesterday. Curious, and not having been to the stairs since then he asks someone to sub for him as he continues to think of Mafuyu. Ritsuka has a feeling he is definitely there now and envisions him as a pom with that abandoned puppy look of his. Agitated and feeling he has done something bad Ritsuka returns to the stairs to find, nothing.[25]

Confused to not locate Mafuyu there, Ritsuka wonders why he himself is so worried. Contemplating whether Mafuyu gave up, Ritsuka's unease does not diminish when Mafuyu fails to appear the next day and the next.[26]

At work in a convenience store, he crouches staring straight ahead. Remaining the same when Akihiko who works alongside him points out that his mouth is wide open, Ritsuka asserts that he is always like this. With their shift ended, he reminds Akihiko of Mafuyu's name and responds to Akihiko's suggestion that he look after Mafuyu. Hearing that it will be good for him since he was super hyped up during the jam session directly causes Ritsuka's facial expression to undergo a sudden and drastic change. He appears aghast at the recommendation and abashed wonders if he was like that.[27]

Arriving at the studio with Akihiko, Ritsuka is inflamed to find Mafuyu there and flustered he cannot even get his words out having seen him again. His anger transforms into confusion as Haruki points out to him that Mafuyu has changed his guitar strings by himself. Ritsuka is asked by Mafuyu if it is tuned before sheepishly inquiring if he visited the light music club. Ritsuka's reaction is one of horror upon hearing that Mafuyu considered him cooler than anyone at the light music club.[28]

code. 3

Teaching Mafuyu one on one, Ritsuka shows him the parts of his guitar and advises he try and memorize some chords. Lots of guys cannot remember the chords and do not understand this part well so he suggests Mafuyu does his best to completely copy a tune starting with the introduction then moving onto the verse. Picking up on that Mafuyu has simply been agreeing with him for a while, Ritsuka asks if he is really listening to him. With the same response, he cries out in frustration unsure if Mafuyu is actually getting any of this.[29]

With Haruki joining them, Ritsuka picks up on what he is talking about. It is something they all need, money and Ritsuka along with Akihiko bring up Mafuyu getting a part-time job.[30]

In class, Ritsuka is confronted by Shogo pointing out that he has been hanging around with Mafuyu a lot lately. Asking what he means and what Mafuyu's actual name is their conversation is joined by Kasai which startles Ritsuka. He hears their friendship is a hot topic due to Ritsuka being seen as not sociable and completely different from Mafuyu.[31]

He is found by Mafuyu and they both head to practice on the stairway. Ritsuka observes how Mafuyu learns faster and better than he expected. Even though he knows nothing about music, he has a good ear and Ritsuka feels good seeing people look like they are growing up. He still considers Mafuyu a mystery with no idea why he is doing music. There is also something wrong with his guitar, it is not right for a beginner or a high school student at that.[32]

With Mafuyu's guitar in mind, Ritsuka asks if his father or someone handed it down to him, and says sorry hearing Mafuyu does not have a father. Thinking that he messed up, Rituka then enquires whether Mafuyu has any music he likes. Although he tries to be patient the look on Mafuyu's face causes some inner rage to bubble through, more so when he is told Mafuyu does now know if he has a favorite song. Ritsuka is bewildered further hearing that Mafuyu has a song that keeps playing in his brain. Asking what kind of song it is, Ritsuka shudders when Mafuyu sings it aloud.[33]

The atmosphere around Ritsuka seemed to shiver for him and after Mafuyu finishes, he hastily lowers his face. His heart is beating rapidly and when checked by Mafuyu, Ritsuka raises his face to his to ask that he join their band.[34]

code. 4

In class, Ritsuka slams his head on the desk. Deflecting Shogo’s observation that he has been acting strange Ritsuka insists it is that guy who is the weird one here. Saying he had asked Mafuyu if he wanted to join his band, he recalls that Mafuyu declined the offer, and he just does not get why.

Irked at Shogo’s suggestion that he did not expect Mafuyu to turn him down, he mocks fights him with a broom paying no mind to Yasai who calls them out on this. Ritsuka ponders he did not indeed think Mafuyu would turn down his offer but remembers how good Mafuyu’s voice was.

Trembling indignantly, Ritsuka resolves there is no way he is going to give up like this.[35]

At the studio, he is not amused by Akihiko and Haruki’s laughter at his reaction to Mafuyu rejecting his join the band offer. Flatly telling them to cut it out only generates further laughter with his expression.

Flaring up again seeing that Mafuyu has not come, he instantly assumes and questions whether he is avoiding him. Told by Haruki that Mafuyu has a part-time job interview hence his absence, it slowly sinks in that Haruki has Mafuyu’s number but he does not. Ritsuka glances over to Akihiko for further news but hears Akihiko does not have it either.

Consoled by Haruki that Mafuyu is just doing what they told him, Ritsuka questions what Haruki is talking about concerning whether Ritsuka asked Mafuyu why he rejected the offer. He turns his head being told that he should communicate with Mafuyu more.[36]

With that in mind at night on a street corner, Ritsuka waits, hands in pockets for Mafuyu who finds and runs over to him. Ritsuka says he heard Mafuyu went for an interview, pausing before asking how it went. Told it was successful, Ritsuka thinks Mafuyu at least has some ability to socialize with others. Out of questions, Ritsuka remembers communication before seeing Mafuyu's attention drawn to someone calling his name. Seeing the youth behind him, Ritsuka looks to Mafuyu to ask if he knows him. He reacts to hearing that the guitar on Mafuyu's back maybe Yuki's guitar but then stares at the sheer unease seen on Mafuyu's face from this person.[37]

When Mafuyu simply turns and runs, Ritsuka calls his name and immediately follows him. Catching up to him Ritsuka manages to get his arm asking if he hears him. Turning Mafuyu round to see what is wrong, Ritsuka brushes Mafuyu's hair aside unsure if he is crying. His heart is beating as he has trouble recognizing Mafuyu's woeful facial expression and he asks if Mafuyu is alright.[38]

Asking about that guy earlier and who is Yuki, Ritsuka asks Mafuyu if it something he cannot tell him about. He hears it has nothing to do with why Mafuyu cannot join the band but a new feeling emerges as Mafuyu explains how he feels he is not good at expressing himself to others. Ritsuka's blood is boiling and seizing Mafuyu he furiously states everything Mafuyu feels about himself is untrue, which Mafuyu demonstrated as such with his song shaking Ritsuka to his core.[39]

Livid, Ritsuka glares at Mafuyu and calms himself after considering that Mafuyu said that after making such a hurt face. Releasing Mafuyu, he asks him to sing since he likes that song. As he listens, Ritsuka feels maybe he became a mess after meeting Mafuyu and it feels painful.[40]

code. 5

In his room, Ritsuka practices his guitar and scribbles down changes. Concentrating he removes his headphones only when Yayoi crashes through his door to tell him dinner is ready.[41]

Asleep at his desk and not roused by Shogo, Ueki, or Kasai’s attempts to wake him, he only jolts upright when called by Mafuyu who has come to find him. Sluggishly he ruffles Mafuyu’s hair telling Shogo that he is doing guitar today and basketball tomorrow.[42]

On their stairway he raises plans for the weekend, he feels it is about time the check out effect units. Ritsuka describes them as a small device that can add more effects to the sound of a guitar when plugged between the guitar and amplifier. He is aware of a lot of different types, and tells Mafuyu they have different prices too. Asking if he gets it, he expects Mafuyu’s answer of no before saying he will lend his own for a while for him to try. He chuckles menacingly that he will not go easy on Mafuyu once he joins the band and will not spoil him anymore.

With Mafuyu having something to say to him, Ritsuka tells him to hurry up and spit it out. With Mafuyu’s hesitation, he reverses his attitude and makes it clear he does not want to say then just say so as Ritsuka feels like he is bullying him.[43]

He confirms with Mafuyu that he has been doing something recently, namely composing a song for him. It involves the tune Mafuyu sung before and Ritsuka has remembered it since having heard it twice. Ritsuka sings the tune alongside his guitar to demonstrate. He is surprised by Mafuyu’s star-eyed, sparkly Pomeranian reaction and hears he is so cool by Mafuyu before saying he has added to parts he thought were lacking.[44]

As days pass Ritsuka spends time working at the convenience store to pointing out to Haruki that Mafuyu can sing. He and Mafuyu share headphones together to playing basketball with him. He begins to note everything kept moving on and Ritsuka pays specific attention to Mafuyu’s merry laughter.[45]

With the band at an indoor barbecue restaurant, he hears the suggestion from Haruki to turn one of their instrumental songs into one featuring lyrics for their first live show. However he, like Akihiko and Mafuyu with him is focused solely on the meat being barbequed before them. It turns out he was not listening as Ritsuka uses chopsticks to dive right into the food also knowing the live-show was already decided before leaving with Mafuyu as Akihiko and Haruki head home in a different direction.[46]

With the teacher telling the class to pair up for an art project, Ritsuka is asked by a beaming Kasai to be partners. Agreeing and beginning to draw her he is unsure of what to make of Kasai wondering whether Mafuyu likes him. Receiving the question literally he does not think Mafuyu hates him before Ritsuka is told that Kasai heard that in middle school Mafuyu was going out with a guy. Ritsuka is speechless at this news before informed further that Mafuyu’s boyfriend committed suicide last year. All the while Ritsuka feels that his world that was turning ever faster all of a sudden stopped.[47]

code. 6

Silently reeling from what he has heard the news is equated to sound being distorted like a CD suddenly being scratched with Ritsuka picturing Mafuyu happy and laughing.

He is just as startled when Shogo appears from nowhere to show a portrait Ueki drew. Ritsuka’s attention is drawn back to Kasai who is apologizing and he asks for what whilst hearing it was just a rumor they were dating but it was true Mafuyu’s friend died. He recognizes the name Yuki as the same one the boy who approached Mafuyu shared and Ritsuka wonders what is this strange nauseating feeling.[48]

At home, he lies on his back as those words keep repeating in his head. Ritsuka continues to appear absent-minded as Yayoi returns home with Akihiko coming as well. His attention is grabbed hearing Akihiko has brought something good and gives the go-ahead for his laptop charger to be used. Ritsuka’s eyes react when he realizes Akihiko has been working on a song to fit Mafuyu’s voice. He blushes nervously as Akihiko speaks along those lines and agrees with his assessment that Mafuyu’s voice is husky and beautiful. With his heart beating Ritsuka covers his face as he manages to thank him for his suggestions on the song. He understands what Akihiko means on his insights regarding Mafuyu’s voice.[49]

Overall agreeing with how Mafuyu’s voice makes him feel Ritsuka asks how Akihiko can suddenly laugh. There are even more embarrassing reactions as Ritsuka answers that the melody is done and agrees they should let Mafuyu write the lyrics.[50]

In the studio, Ritsuka flatly rejects Mafuyu’s claim it is impossible. He encourages him to not give up so quickly and takes hold of his face in both hands. Ritsuka forcibly tells him he can do it, squishing his cheeks further to let out all his decisiveness, put it into words, and express it. Ritsuka concludes by rubbing Mafuyu’s face cheeks telling him to do his best, he wants to play Mafuyu’s song.[51]

He tries to ignore the situation occurring between Akihiko attempting to silence Haruki when he brought up the possibility of Mafuyu singing about a past love.[52]

Nodding off at school un-awakened by Shogo’s enthusiasm about basketball, he takes Ueki's suggestion to find a place to nap before the match. Finding Mafuyu at the stairs he outwardly acts in a manner to sleep before a game but internally he feels careless about coming here. Ritsuka has still not sorted his thoughts about him. With that, he pretends to be asleep when Mafuyu wants to talk to him about the lyrics and he hears that Mafuyu had someone he truly loved from the past. Ritsuka gets it now, what he is feeling is jealousy.[53]

code. 7

After hearing Haruki perform on his bass guitar, Ritsuka is honest about what he thinks; he likes it better than before. Nearby to Mafuyu he then suddenly rounds on him asking if he has been practicing properly and what the heck was that just now and he goes as far as asking if he even wants to do this. His anger intensifies when Mafuyu innocently replies he does and indifferent to Haruki grabbing his shoulder to try and calm him, Ritsuka shouts at Mafuyu that he has not made any progress at all and has kept repeating the same mistake.[54]

He is silenced by Haruki’s hands being placed over his mouth and with his face trying to be squished into a happy one, Ritsuka is told to not keep scolding Mafuyu one-sidedly like that, neither to corner him. Ritsuka's fury is only altered and flipped entirely to open-mouthed dread for himself when Haruki points out that he himself has been acting strange recently.[55]

With Akihiko calling for a break after that, Ritsuka is outside with him and offered a canned drink at a vending machine. This is then shoved into him when he merely stands spaced out. Regarding his concentration, he hears he looks worn out and is not in a position to tell off others but he only sits there glowering.[56]

Asked upfront if something has happened between him and Mafuyu, Ritsuka’s speechless expression of nervous alarm mixed with some intense blushing is the only reaction to the question. However, Akihiko asked the question based on a specific train of thought, and from Ritsuka’s body language, he is now being shouted at since Akihiko has drawn the conclusion that Ritsuka has made a move on Mafuyu.[57]

With the subject breached for the first time, Ritsuka is stunned to greater degrees shouting what the heck is Akihiko talking about mentioning him being a late bloomer as well. Ritsuka shouts all the more demanding to know if Akihiko has any basis for what he is saying. At this point, he is sweaty in light of what is being discussed and is pointed at and asked if he has any idea what kind of face he is making right now. He asks what and is on the ground at being told that he has a face that is like he is saying that Ritsuka likes Mafuyu.[58]

Helped up by Akihiko, he is told to get a hold of himself where after a pause Ritsuka blurts out to Akihiko if he is strange. Told not at all, Ritsuka listens as Akihiko discusses what is strange about that and whether as a guy his sexual preference should be towards girls. Ritsuka spits his drink everywhere upon hearing that Akihiko used to think like that before and he looks fearfully at Akihiko before informed that was in the past.[59]

As Akihiko helps Ritsuka understand that Mafuyu is trying to live up to his expectations with his singing, Ritsuka considers how he shouted at Mafuyu.[60]

With all said, Ritsuka thinks Akihiko is so amazing, he helped him calm down with just a few words and now he can understand why his sister is so in love with him. Confirming that he is riding on the back of Akihiko’s motorbike, Ritsuka contemplates that Akihiko said it happened in the past. He interprets that to mean that things did not work out even with a great guy like him. It is as Ritsuka thought, he cannot comprehend this and wonders if this feeling is something he should accept.[61]

At school he offers to take a garbage bag given for Kasai to dispose of, he is heading in the direction of the area as well. As he walks the only talk is asking where the site is and with the bag dealt with Ritsuka says they should head back before noticing that Kasai is tearful. He is further shocked when asked how can he be so kind to him after she told him such a cruel thing. Looking around in bewilderment he cannot think of anything cruel she said before learning it was what was said about Mafuyu.[62]

Agreeing with Kasai’s words it was sly, Ritsuka concedes he was glad to find out about that. With that he assures her they are even and pats her hair unknowingly having the exchange witnessed by Mafuyu along with Shogo and Ryou.[63]

Noticing that Mafuyu’s guitar playing has increased markedly, it is around 7:15 p.m when Mafuyu abruptly falls asleep against a speaker. Ritsuka is told to watch over him as Akihiko removes himself and Haruki from the room.[64]

His initial observation is that Mafuyu is really good at sleeping while holding his guitar. It reminds Ritsuka it is the same as when he first met him, and it feels like Mafuyu is sleeping while giving off the image of being small and cute. Sitting on the floor beside him, it has been two months since then and yet Mafuyu is still just like an inexperienced amateur. He looks as Mafuyu slides over to lean on his shoulder and to his panic, Ritsuka’s heart is beating. Needing to be sure Mafuyu is really sleeping Ritsuka nervously pokes his arm. Then, he takes Mafuyu’s hand and checks it.[65]

Making eye contact with Mafuyu who sleepily awakens, Ritsuka recoils from the contact and can only splutter that he is awake now. He is composed once more when Mafuyu says sorry he has not been able to write any lyrics and tells him they still have time so he should just do his best.

His thoughts are taken to the song, and being honest he thinks he is scared of what Mafuyu is going to write. Ritsuka does not want to see nor hear it; he does not want to listen to Mafuyu’s song when he is in love with someone.[66]

code. 8

In the middle of drinking, he coughs in shock at Akihiko's suggestion they simply stop practicing a week before the live event and asks what on earth he is saying. In the baseball analogy, Ritsuka sees Mafuyu's passable guitar playing as a possibility if they screw up a bit they will be out completely.[67]

Though Akihiko inoffensively raises Mafuyu playing in the studio as an obstacle to him writing the lyrics, Ritsuka picks up on his own conduct before and shocked he thinks what is Akihiko doing cornering him like that.[68]

Driven home by Haruki, Ritsuka points out twice that the lights are green before he hears Haruki share that he feels Akihiko stopped the practice before of him. Startled by this Ritsuka listens that whilst he can play well his current form is getting worse and that he is maybe overly concerned with Mafuyu's playing. Trying to explain that he is trying to play just like usual, he asks is that not good enough. Ritsuka is wordless and his expression remains caught off guard hearing that he is paying too much attention to Mafuyu's sounds, and the way he is now he may be eaten by them.[69]

code. 9

Ritsuka has fallen asleep with his headphones on whilst studying. On the day of the concert, he feels it cannot be helped, that they will have to perform without a song which is fine since they were an instrumental band to begin with anyway. Shouting that it is because they have nothing ready, Ritsuka is shocked at Mafuyu snapping his guitar strings from gripping them too hard.

code. 10

In his surprise, Ritsuka is told by Haruki to buy some new strings from the train station. He remembers Mafuyu asking whether he could fix his guitar, and runs out at once. Acquiring the strings, Ritsuka thinks that he is an idiot since he was the one who told Mafuyu he should sing. Arriving back, he asks a forlorn-looking Mafuyu if it is okay if he fixes the strings. Tending to them, Ritsuka contemplates the heart being like a kind of string, that can hurt in the same manner as a string stretched across the chest and being torn apart. Sometimes he thinks it cannot be fixed anymore, but if there is someone that can put a new string on then would the wound not heal.

Telling Mafuyu that he loves his sound, Ritsuka thought he was the one pushing him forward, but was, in fact, the one being pulled. Feeling his own sound is a mess, but that it is much more fun since they play whatever chords they choose, Ritsuka states he is also bad at putting things into words.

code. 11

With the performance underway, as he plays Ritsuka looks over to check on Mafuyu. He remembers when he was younger and the first time he stood on stage. Feeling he was so awkward up there, he considered getting better to be virtually impossible but it was all so exhilarating. Ritsuka realizes he is in love, and after the performance, he simply places his arm around Mafuyu and they walk off stage. As he is thanked for taking him this far, Ritsuka feels it cannot be fixed as he kisses Mafuyu. Praising him for working really hard, Ritsuka says for them to play another song.


Japanese 立 meaning "standing" combined with 夏 meaning "summer" to create (rikka), which translates to the first day of summer, beginning of summer.[1]

On Chapter Covers

  • code. 1 Holding his guitar in a colored background group shot of the band with Mafuyu, Akihiko, and Haruki.
  • code. 4 in a moving company uniform working alongside Akihiko.
  • Code. 8 wearing tea preparing garb beside Haruki.

Additional Content

Itaya's Speciality

As Ritsuka eats, a student asks if he knows Shogo from the soccer club. He asks if Shogo is famous unaware that he is a famous striker renowned across the Kanto region. As he pictures Shogo, he thinks it must be a lie before hearing the next day from Ryou that it is true, but the Shogo he knows is not that kind of guy.[70]


  • He enjoys playing the electric guitar and composing music for it and others.
  • Ritsuka also plays basketball.
    • He was in the basketball club (SF) in Middle School.[1]
  • He's the type to use the narrow end of the pick.[1]
  • His signature animal is a munchkin cat pictured with a bell collar.[71]


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