Masatomo Nakazawa is the voice actor for Haruki Nakayama in the Given anime.

Perspectives on Given

Wondering if it is a bad spring, when a single drop of water falls there the thing that youth, sound, love, friendship and even the feeling of air in the work of Given are all rippling, resonating and spring out. With this perspective on events, Masatomo thinks Haruki will move in the flow, and he hopes he can enjoy the rich music in the series.[1]

Masatomo Nakazawa Episode 1

Episode countdown

Autograph (Haruki)

Promotional event with signature on an image of Mafuyu

Voice cast

L-R: Masatomo Nakazawa voices Haruki, Yuuma Uchida (Ritsuka), Shougo Yano (Mafuyu), Takuya Eguchi (Akihiko)


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