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This story page covers everything on Mafuyu Sato's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #01 Boys in the band

Mafuyu enters his room around 7.20am to retrieve his guitar. He strokes his Pomeranian Kedama and leaving, he thinks of the same dream he is having.

Mafuyu Sato

By 7.35am Mafuyu has arrived at platform 3 and waits alone holding his guitar for a train to Shinjuku. Doing so he vividly remembers part of his dream with his guitar strings breaking. By himself, inside the train, Mafuyu thinks he is not lonely.

Holding his guitar and awakening to find Ritsuka

At school, Mafuyu lies sleeping at the top of a stairway holding his guitar out the case. He slowly wakes and makes eye contact with Ritsuka and moving over, Mafuyu motions for him to sit. After a pause, Mafuyu initiates a conversation by asking who Ritsuka is but does not respond further when he hears his name instead of glancing upwards. Mafuyu immediately moves closer to Ritsuka hearing him raise fixing his rusted guitar stings. Mafuyu inches closer as Ritsuka backs away asking if they can be fixed, specifically if Ritsuka can fix this, at this moment. He lowers his head in disappointment when Ritsuka does not currently have the tools required.

Mafuyu imploring Uenoyama to teach him the guitar

Watching and then clapping when Ritsuka relents in fixing the broken strings, Mafuyu reaches to try the guitar before listening to Ritsuka test it. Hearing that, Mafuyu seizes Ritsuka by his jacket and asks him to please teach him how to play that thing.

An offer for teaching him how to play

He has returned to his staircase and sits upright snoozing. Mafuyu has his hair ruffled by Ritsuka and he awakens and appears very pleased to see him as he says his name. Bowing his head and thanking Ritsuka for yesterday, Mafuyu offers 1000 yen for the strings, and a further, glowing 1000 yen to teach him the guitar. The offer rejected, Mafuyu has a backup by offering manly and spicy yakisoba bread.

Hearing that Ritsuka has not taught someone the guitar before, Mafuyu asks what is a band when he suggested that he join one. Mafuyu’s continued silence in response to Ritsuka’s outrage that he is unaware of what a band results in Mafuyu appearing downtrodden. When told it is not a bad thing that he joins a band, Mafuyu rubs Ritsuka as he tries to sleep asking for him to teach him the guitar.

Following Ritsuka, and then hiding behind a pole.

With school ending, Mafuyu follows Ritsuka, continuing to do so when told not to. He tries to hide behind a tree and then a lamp post neither of which provides any cover, less so when Ritsuka knows Mafuyu is there and can see him. Mafuyu's reaction to Ritsuka's 'finding' him is to happily state his name.

Expectations of the band's performance

Taken to the studio with Ritsuka, Mafuyu is stood behind Ritsuka as he explains to Akihiko why he was brought along. He is then introduced to the band's bassist, Haruki as Mafuyu asks what a bassist is. Bowing to them both saying it is nice to meet them, Mafuyu shares his name and that he is here to watch them play expecting a godly performance.

Sitting down and holding his legs, Mafuyu reminds Ritsuka of his name and tells him when asked what he wants to hear something cool then sits wide-eyed listening to them play.

Afterward, by night time, Mafuyu walks beside Ritsuka staring absentmindedly at the sky. He is not listening when Ritsuka asks why is he walking him home but when he focuses on Ritsuka he asks if he can come and see them again. When told no, Mafuyu instead asks for Ritsuka to teach him the guitar.

Looking to Ritsuka

Mafuyu's arm is grabbed by Ritsuka as he pulls him out of the way of a nearby car and looks to him. Mafuyu responds that he cannot see behind him before being told again to join the light music club, Ritsuka has never taught anyone before.

Not returning to the steps where he met Ritsuka, Mafuyu later sits outside the studio where Haruki lets him in. Mafuyu turns his head to make eye contact with Ritsuka when he arrives. He has plasters on his fingers but is pleased to tell Ritsuka that he was able to change the strings all by himself. Mafuyu has also attempted to tune the guitar, asking Ritsuka if he has done it right.

Replying that he did go to the light music club, Mafuyu explains that they had all kinds of people and instruments, it seemed fun only that Ritsuka is cooler. With that Mafuyu asks Ritsuka to please teach him how to play guitar.

Episode #02 Like Someone In Love

Mafuyu resumes awaiting Ritsuka in their stairway and seeing that Ritsuka has brought his guitar, he asks if he is going to teach him. Mafuyu, at last, gets his wish but is told not to expect serious lessons or anything. Nevertheless, he thanks him for taking him under his wing.

Listening as Ritsuka tunes his instrument, Mafuyu feels he is different. With Ritsuka's help, he manages to narrow it down that he feels the model is different. Mafuyu learns from Ritsuka that he has a Gibson hollow body and is sure he can tune it, only he cannot. Asking why Mafuyu replies that he tuned it yesterday whereas it needs to be returned often. Mafuyu then asks what a peg is.

Greeted good morning

Getting some shoes out a locker, Mafuyu is bid good morning by Ritsuka and responds in turn. Asks if he is free today, Mafuyu hears that he can come and watch the band play. Asking if it is really the case, Mafuyu follows Ritsuka through a school corridor watching him the entire time.

At 12.50pm, Mafuyu waits outside Ritsuka's classroom as Kasai points him out for Ritsuka to see. They take the train together where Mafuyu hears it is fine for him to play so long as it is during the band's break. He is advised by Ritsuka to thank them, which causes Mafuyu to say thank you to Ritsuka right there.

Mafuyu asks about the guy with long hair and whether he is a college student. Then about the guy with the piercings before finishing by stating that Ritsuka is amazing. This is because he is in a band with a college student and a graduate student.

Arriving at Shimo-Kitazawa Station, Mafuyu finds his IC card has not worked to get him through the barrier. Asking for one sec, he makes his way through before daydreaming to himself. It takes Ritsuka to get Mafuyu to focus his attention on the reminder that he has been there before.

As they enter the studio, Mafuyu asks about the guitar, namely whether Ritsuka practices a lot. He bows to an attendant on the front desk and outside the practice room, Mafuyu replies that he is not having second thoughts. Finding Haruki inside, Mafuyu says thank you for having him. Asked by Haruki if he wants to play first with Akihiko being late, Mafuyu says yes.

Practicing an E note, Mafuyu answers Ritsuka that he has finished tuning. He is not sure of where to plug his guitar in and asks what the guitar cable is, then about the amp. The next question is what happens if they get the wrong order, but despite Haruki's concern about all their ears, Mafuyu does it right and tells them as such.

With chords practice, the one Mafuyu wants to learn is the first one Ritsuka played for him. Playing it right, he returns Ritsuka's smile and in sheer happiness continues to play the same chord eventually aggravating Ritsuka. Their practice continues into the night.

Continuing to receive help on how to play the guitar, Mafuyu is instructed that he can pick whichever song he likes but he should master it, Mafuyu simply agrees with everything.

Haruki, Akihiko, and Ritsuka suggest there is one thing that Mafuyu will need if he is serious about music. Unable to guess, Mafuyu hears he should start looking for a job in order to make money but appears daunted as the prospect.

Being scared

At a cafe with the other three band members, Mafuyu watches an advert featuring Haruki with Hanaoka at Hair Salon Harusame. He asks Akihiko if that was Haruki and if that was a part-time job as well. Looking at the magazines, Mafuyu asks if all people in bands have part-time jobs. They do unless they are loaded to which Mafuyu answers he is not. Hearing about his bandmate's jobs he inquires about the convenience store Ritsuka and Akihiko work together at. He then picks up on whether high school kids are allowed to work or not remarking that finding a job is hard. Mafuyu receives a suggestion from Haruki about working at a concert venue. He asks why Ritsuka does not like the idea.

After 8.05pm, Mafuyu walks back with Ritsuka where he is asked how good at the guitar he wants to be. He is not sure if he wants to learn how to play songs, but does say that he had fun.

Had fun

Meanwhile, at school, Mafuyu looks in to find Ritsuka in class during break. They practice with each other on the steps. Flexing his fingers, Mafuyu is asked whether he got his guitar from his dad or something. It is not, he responds that he does not have a dad. Remaining rigid to Ritsuka's questions on a favorite song, Mafuyu does not know if he has any favorite music. However, there is one but Mafuyu is not sure whether he actually likes it, only that it plays in his head all the time. Though he does not know its name, Mafuyu, in fact, decides to sing the tune of it.

Singing for the first time

Completing the song he tells Ritsuka it sounds like that. He is surprised to see Ritsuka's reaction, moving in to check him, Mafuyu is simply asked to join their band.

Being asked to join

Episode #03 Somebody Else

It is snowing, and Mafuyu declares that he does not feel lonely, even though he will never see someone again. Clutching his guitar, Mafuyu makes his way through the streets thinking he still does not have any words yet will take the thing his unnamed referenced person loved with him. Breathing the cold air, Mafuyu recalls a story occurring one winter morning.

He is remembered by Ritsuka as Mafuyu says he does not think he should join the band when invited by Ritsuka.

Waiting at a crossing, Mafuyu is called by Ritsuka before asking him if he does not have work today. Mafuyu answers he does want to learn guitar and about bands but is verbally prodded that he was supposed to affirm that he can sing as well. Rather than that, Mafuyu instead notices that the crossing light is green where he announces that he is going this way as he crosses the road, waving goodbye to Ritsuka on the other side.

Finding Ritsuka by the lockers another day, Mafuyu says good morning to him. Asking him what he is doing, Mafuyu then thanks him for lending him a guitar book. He had kept it in his guitar case and moves to return it. Mafuyu listening to Ritsuka explain the merits of his band is interrupted by the school bell. He asks Ritsuka if he can go and get the class record now since he has class duties today. Given the go-ahead, Mafuyu apologizes but says he will see him later.

Instead of meeting Ritsuka on the stairs, Mafuyu remains in his classroom with the excuse he forgot to do his homework. The practice of seemingly avoiding Ritsuka extends to heading home by himself, and not turning up to the studio. In fact, Mafuyu has a job interview having text Haruki alone with that information.

He is remembered by Ritsuka holding his guitar when he declined to join the band.

At a small venue, Mafuyu sits in an informal interview with and Tsubaki where he has successfully secured a job to begin next week. Thanking him, Mafuyu is shown around the place by Tsubaki where his duties will include handing out and accepting tickets, cleaning at first and tending to the bar if there are shows where no alcohol is served. Asking about the bar, he is shown the counter where he will serve drinks before seeing Yatake enter the room. By himself, Mafuyu looks towards the microphone being set up on stage.

Outside, Mafuyu finds Ritsuka waiting for him. Approaching him, Mafuyu confirms that he just had an interview, and answers Ritsuka that he is to start next week. As he waits for Ritsuka to speak, Mafuyu's attention is drawn by someone nearby.

Mafuyu is aghast to see him and steps away with his shock increasing when the youth recognizes the guitar on his back. Not replying to him or Ritsuka when he asks if Mafuyu knows him, he stands fixed to the spot when asked if that is Yuuki's guitar. Outwardly zoned out, inside Mafuyu thinks he is never sure how he is supposed to react so he turns and runs.

As he flees Mafuyu contemplates that everyone else can manage it so well. He remembers attending a funeral and how he cannot manage. Just like how everyone laughs and cries, he cannot do that well as he recalls lying alone in bed ignoring a phone call and envisioning people from his past. Holding tight onto his guitar straps, Mafuyu's escaping comes to an end when Ritsuka catches up to him and takes his arm.

Offering no resistance Mafuyu can only gasp for breath as he is turned around but avoids looking at Ritsuka. His hair is parted by Ritsuka but Mafuyu slowly shakes his head to deny that he is crying yet appears deeply sad. Mafuyu remains silent gripping his sweater when asked by Ritsuka if he is alright and what was up with that guy. He also does not answer who Yuuki is but does shake his head to indicate it has nothing to do with why he does not want to join the band, voicing it as well. Mafuyu explains that when you are in a band you have to express yourself in front of people. He has been told by other people that he looks like he is not thinking about anything and sometimes he thinks they might be right. The conclusion is Mafuyu feels he is really bad at expressing himself compared to everyone else.

His speaking is cut short by Ritsuka grabbing his sweater as he hears he has expressed himself, Mafuyu's song shook Ritsuka to his core. After a moment he complies with Ritsuka's request to sing for him which he does there in the street.

Sat near a vending machine, Mafuyu is offered a fizzy orange canned drink. Accepting and thanking Ritsuka for it, Mafuyu says he cannot drink fizzy drinks. With a shake of his head he declines the canned coffee Ritsuka offers him. With a pause between them, Mafuyu tells Ritsuka that it is okay about the situation. Mafuyu then asks Ritsuka is he is okay with him. After hearing how many times does Ritsuka have to say yes, Mafuyu says he will do it, he will join his band and that he looks forward to working with him.

Episode #04 Fluorescent Adolescent

Mafuyu and Ritsuka go to the city of Shibuya to look for an effect pedal. Mafuyu and Ritsuka come across two music stores with the prices on the effect pedal being high. Mafuyu decides to write his name down on a piece of paper in order to work for the money to get it. Mafuyu thanks Ritsuka for taking him with the two of them walking back home together.

Episode #05 The Reason

In the studio, Mafuyu listens to the plans of performing live on stage. Mafuyu thinks of a song and looks at Ritsuka with determined eyes for him to use the song during the performance.

At school, Mafuyu joins with Ryuu and Shougo in a game of basketball since Ritsuka is sleeping. Mafuyu manages to make a shot through the hoop and is compliment by others such as Ryuu. Mafuyu manages to smile from the amount of fun he is having and notices Ritsuka waiting for him.

At a barbeque restaurant, Haruki talks to his fellow band members on how they're going to perform on the stage, while cooking on the barbeque. Haruki asks if any of them are listening before Ritsuka, Akihiko, and Mafuyu go crazy. Mafuyu offers a small piece of meat to Haruki with Haruki thanking him. Haruki tells Mafuyu to make sure that he eats and later punches Akihiko as a sign for him not to drink so much. Mafuyu and Ritsuka nod their heads goodbye to Haruki and Akihiko and head home on a subway. Mafuyu texts Ritsuka on managing to buy an effect pedal and asks how the song is going. Mafuyu looks at the text from Ritsuka and is glad to hear the news.

At school, Mafuyu listens to the song that Ritsuka made for him with Ritsuka waiting for his response. Mafuyu takes off the headphones and tells Ritsuka that he likes it a lot. Mafuyu and Ritsuka notice the bell and head off to class before Mafuyu has the chance to thank Ritsuka.

Episode #06 Creep

At the concert venue, Mafuyu starts sweeping the stage until Tsubaki informs him that a friend of his is here to see him. Hiiragi pops his head into the room and says hello to Mafuyu with a piece sign. Mafuyu recognizes Hiiragi and stares at him with open eyes. Tsubaki tells Hiiragi that if they have a lot to talk about, then they can take off. Hiiragi walks over to Mafuyu to tell him to not be all defensive and that he won't criticize him for anything.

During the night, Hiiragi and Mafuyu have a talk about Mafuyu doing music and wondering about Yuki's guitar. Hiiragi tells Mafuyu that he's not sure if he started playing music because he's trying to be positive or he just can't let go. Hiiragi asks Mafuyu which is it with Mafuyu telling him that he's not really sure, either. And begins to make his way downtown.

At the studio, Mafuyu tells Ritsuka that he doesn't think he can do it. Ritsuka places his hands on Mafuyu's cheeks and encourages him that he can do it. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka what he should write. Haruki tells Mafuyu that anything is fine since music is about going with the flow. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu if he has anything to say with Mafuyu not having anything to say. Haruki suggests writing about past relationships.

With Akihiko and Ritsuka leaving, Haruki tells Mafuyu that Akihiko hasn't been that rough with him for a while. Mafuyu tells Haruki that he thinks that Akihiko was probably worried about him. Haruki asks Mafuyu why and if relationship-talk-off limits are for him. Mafuyu asks Haruki if he has anyone that he likes. Haruki becomes surprised by the question. Mafuyu tells Haruki that if that person suddenly disappeared from this world, what would you say. Mafuyu continues to ask Haruki if he would feel lonely, sad, and would miss them. Haruki unable to answer the question tells Mafuyu that he doesn't know what to say. Mafuyu smiles at Haruki with him telling him "neither do I" and makes his way out of the studio.

During a game of basketball, Ritsuka, Mafuyu, Shogo, and Ryuu sit against a wall with Shogo asking Mafuyu if he's going to play basketball. Shogo becomes glad to hear the answer but soon realizes that he'll be his enemy. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka if he is going to play basketball. Before Ritsuka can answer the question, Shogo pulls Ritsuka and Ryuu and tells Mafuyu that there are current and former basketball team members. Shogo, Ryuu, and Ritsuka decide to join in the game of basketball, but Ritsuka looks back at Mafuyu who is still thinking about the lyrics for the song.

At home, Mafuyu sits in his room and thinks about the lyrics. Mafuyu decides to leave his apartment to search for some ideas. Kedama greets Mafuyu with Mafuyu petting him and leaves the apartment. Mafuyu goes to a school and witnesses two kids playing together.

In the city, Mafuyu continues to find answers and ideas.

In the city, Mafuyu searches further for ideas and comes across the ocean.

At the ocean, Mafuyu walks towards the water's edge and looks out towards the vast ocean. Mafuyu hears a voice and turns around to see a young girl having fun on the beach with her parents. Mafuyu continues to walk on the sand and tells himself that he's not lonely.

At the stairs,. Mafuyu talks to Ritsuka as he's sleeping about the lyrics and how he truly loved someone. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka if he is asleep, but get's no answer and apologizes. Mafuyu begins to hum the song that is stuck in his head with Ritsuka realizing that it's definitely jealousy.

Episode #07 Tumbling Dice

At the studio in the present day, Mafuyu is asked by Ritsuka if he is actually practicing and begins to get irritated with him. Ritsuka is stopped by Haruki while Mafuyu looks at him in confusion.

At school, Mafuyu practices his guitar on the stairs alone. Mafuyu walks through the school hallways and is invited by Shogo to take a look at what Ritsuka is doing. Mafuyu watches Ritsuka's actions from above and is pulled over by Shogo to ask why Ritsuka is popular. Mafuyu notes to himself how Ritsuka is genuinely kind to everyone. Mafuyu is later told that Shogo and Ryuu will be coming to the live performance and wish Mafuyu good luck. Mafuyu tells Shogo that people really go to live shows to listen to people perform with Shogo telling him of course and pats him. Mafuyu notes to himself what he wants to tell those people.

At the studio, Mafuyu plays from his guitar a little bit, before falling asleep. With Ritsuka feeling Mafuyu's hands, Mafuyu wakes up shortly after to question what Ritsuka is doing. Mafuyu tells Ritsuka sorry for not getting anywhere with the lyrics. Ritsuka tells Mafuyu that he still has some time.

At school, Mafuyu meets up with Ritsuka and tells him the part that he is stuck on. Before Ritsuka leaves, Mafuyu thanks him for teaching.

At the stairs, Mafuyu is taught by Ritsuka to follow the rhythm. Mafuyu is told by Ritsuka that it sounds good and all he needs is to play without looking at his hands. Mafuyu stands up and starts playing with Ritsuka becoming anxious.

Through a few scenes, Mafuyu continues to think of lyrics for the song.

At the studio, Mafuyu is told by Akihiko that he won't be able to write the lyrics. Mafuyu is later taken by Akihiko.

Outside, Mafuyu is given a helmet and coat from Akihiko. Mafuyu is told by Akihiko that if he's not able to settle things with his past, then he won't be able to write lyrics. Mafuyu is asked by Akihiko that if he wants to express it or just run away from having to verbalize it.

Episode #08 Time Is Running Out

Outside, Mafuyu thanks Akihiko for the ride with Akihiko informing him to send him the lyrics when they're done. Mafuyu tells Akihiko that he will and heads up to his apartment.

At the crosswalk, Mafuyu stares off into thinking about the lyrics, but it snapped out of it when Ritsuka lightly smacks him. Mafuyu is asked by Ritsuka if he is studying for his finals with him telling Ritsuka not really and that he'll fail modern Japanese.

Though a few scenes, Mafuyu is sitting in school and holding an umbrella, while waiting for the cross sign to turn green.

During the rain, Mafuyu lays in his bed in his apartment building. Mafuyu begins to think about the words that Akihiko told him. Mafuyu's phone begins to buzz with texts from Hiiragi. Mafuyu ignores the texts and lays his head on his pillow. A small rock is thrown at Mafuyu's window with Mafuyu getting up. Mafuyu walks towards the window to see Hiiragi outside with his umbrella and phone. Mafuyu's phone begins to vibrate and the two stare at each other for a little bit. Mafuyu answers the call from Hiiragi with Hirragi telling him to come to hang out with him for a bit.

Outside, Mafuyu asks Hiiragi why he bothers to be with him. Mafuyu tells Hiiragi that he's just been standing on the sidelines this whole time. Mafuyu is told by Hiiragi that he's right and that he didn't do anything. Hiiragi tries to explain himself to Mafuyu about how he feels with Mafuyu snapping at him for not knowing how he feels. Mafuyu is told by Hiiragi that he's right, doesn't know, and now regrets it.

During a flashback, Mafuyu & Yuki became childhood friends, but everything turned around as they got older.

In the present, Mafuyu is informed by Hiiragi that he knew everything. Mafuyu walks over to Hiiragi and sits down on the bench next to him. Mafuyu tells Hiiragi that they're doing a show on Sunday. Mafuyu is asked by Hiiragi if Shizusumi can come with him saying yes. Mafuyu tells Hiiragi that he took out his frustration on him. Mafuyu tells Hiiragi that he said he had no idea how he felt, but the truth is... he's the one who has no idea how he feels. Mafuyu tells Hiiragi that he didn't want to face how he really felt, so he's been avoiding it. Mafuyu is lightly smacked by Hiiragi, calling him a dummy. Mafuyu is told by Hiiragi to call him sometime and Mafuyu thanks Hiiragi with Hiiragi waving to Mafuyu goodbye.

During a flashback, Mafuyu sits up against a tree with his arms locked around his knees, when a child named Yuki comes across Mafuyu with his plane and asks what he's doing and if he can talk. Yuki continues to fly his plane before Mafuyu speaks and tells him that when he talks, his dad hits him. Yuki stops with his plane and tells Mafuyu that a real dad doesn't do that.

At the concert venue, Mafuyu meets up with Ritsuka, Akihiko, and Haruki.

During rehearsal, Mafuyu keeps quiet and doesn't sing. During the day of the performance, Mafuyu overhears the conversation between Ritsuka and Akihiko on going without lyrics. With Ritsuka explaining about the lyrics and there being a next time, Mafuyu starts to question about being a next time. Mafuyu is told by Ritsuka that they don't have any lyrics and don't know what else they're supposed to do. Mafuyu begins to have a grudge and tells Ritsuka that it's the first time he heard him give up with Ritsuka becoming confused by what Mafuyu is saying. Mafuyu tightens his grip on the guitar and tells Ritsuka to always go for it and that he can do it. Mafuyu is yelled at by Ritsuka to wake the hell up. Mafuyu starts to clutch the guitar string, which ends up breaking and both are left unable to respond.

Episode #9 A Winter Story

During the day of the performance, Mafuyu breaks his guitar string, leaving Mafuyu, Akihiko, & Ritsuka speechless. Mafuyu notices the string breaking & tightens his grip on the guitar. Mafuyu & Ritsuka are asked by Haruki what happened. Mafuyu is asked by Haruki if he has a replacement. Mafuyu is told by Haruki that he'll go downstairs to talk to some people, while they go back to the green room.

Back at the concert venue, Mafuyu, Haruki, & Akihiko wait in the room until Ritsuka comes into the room with the supplies panting. Mafuyu sits in the chair with his guitar & looking disappointed. Mafuyu is asked by Ritsuka if he can change the strings.

In the green room, Mafuyu is told by Ritsuka that he likes his sound & was trying to give him a little push, but realized that Mafuyu was the one pulling him up. Mafuyu becomes stunned to hear that Ritsuka also struggles with putting things into words.

On the stage, Mafuyu, Ritsuka, Akihiko, & Haruki make their way up the stage. Mafuyu is asked by Haruki if he decided not to sing or if they're going with a "la la la" strategy. Mafuyu is called by Ritsuka with him looking back at Ritsuka & Ritsuka realizing that he's spacing off. Mafuyu notes to himself of not knowing how to react. Mafuyu looked back at by Ritsuka, Akihiko, & Haruki with Haruki telling them to have fun. Mafuyu continues narrating on not knowing how to react, while his band members begin to play. Mafuyu starts to sing the lyrics for the song with Ritsuka, Akihiko, & Haruki realizing that he's singing. Mafuyu narrates about a story that took place one winter & recalls his moments with Yuki. Mafuyu looks back at Ritsuka with Ritsuka smiling back at Mafuyu & Mafuyu about to shed tears. Mafuyu starts to head over to Ritsuka with Ritsuka putting his arm around his neck & walking back with him. Mafuyu begins to tighten his grip on Ritsuka's shirt with Ritsuka looking down at him. Mafuyu begins to tell Ritsuka thank you for bringing him this far, but is cut off when Ritsuka kisses him on the mouth. Mafuyu is told by Ritsuka that he did so good & head out to play another song. Mafuyu brings his hands out to look at them with tears falling down on his palms & crying. Mafuyu sits on the floor with his guitar & notes to himself that he's having fun, but wishes he could talk to him (Yuki) again.

Outside, Mafuyu sits on a railing when his attention is grabbed by Hiiragi. Mafuyu is told by Hiiragi that Yuki knew he liked music with him recalling the past. Mafuyu tells Hiiragi that he has someone new that he likes with Hiiragi telling Mafuyu that it sounds good to him & to do his best. Mafuyu narrates a story that took place once summer & a story that took place one evening.

During a flashback, Mafuyu & Yuki ride the bus & go to the beach together.

Episode #10 Wonderwall

During the day, Mafuyu says hello to Ritsuka, while an explosion goes off in front of Ritsuka. Mafuyu invites Ritsuka inside, while Ritsuka ponders about the house smelling like Mafuyu. Mafuyu opens his bedroom door with Kedama coming out to greet Ritsuka. Mafuyu is asked by Ritsuka why he gave the dog a cat's name with Mafuyu telling Ritsuka that his name is Kedama & is happy to see him. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka if he's not coming in with Ritsuka telling him that he brought the groceries for him since his mom isn't here. Mafuyu starts to feel a little faint with Ritsuka telling him to not collapse in the hallway. Mafuyu is told by Ritsuka where he put the food. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka if he is going with Ritsuka telling him that he'll just be in the way & that he needs to sleep. Mafuyu tells Ritsuka to stay a little longer with Ritsuka telling Mafuyu that he's surprisingly pushy. Mafuyu tells Ritsuka to stay for five more minutes, leaving Ritsuka to feel reluctant to leave & decides to stay. With Ritsuka telling him about yesterday's song & his heartbreaking, Mafuyu tells Ritsuka that it was & wants to write a different song with him rubbing his face against Ritsuka's hand.

At the barbeque restaurant, Ritsuka, Haruki, & Akihiko celebrate for yesterdays show & Mafuyu feeling better. Mafuyu, Ritsuka, & Akihiko are asked by Haruki what he is holding with them later realizing & becoming hyped. Mafuyu & Ritsuka watch the performance together & Haruki tells them about a friend of his that uploaded the video & wants them to perform another live. Mafuyu & Ritsuka are asked by Haruki if they want to do it with Ritsuka about to respond, but Mafuyu answers for him. Mafuyu & Ritsuka are told by Haruki about not knowing which direction to take. Mafuyu is asked by Haruki what he wants to do or if he wants to be with us. Mafuyu tells Ritsuka, Haruki, & Akihiko about the show & how he experienced being on their & wants to experience the same feeling again & to write another song. Mafuyu is given meat by Ritsuka, Haruki, & Akihiko. Mafuyu is asked by Haruki if their is a word that he wants to add. Mafuyu tells Haruki & the others "give" since his dead boyfriend's mother gave it to him. The band decides on the word "Given" with Mafuyu asking if it's decided just like that. Mafuyu is told by Ritsuka that they all agreed on it & tells him about bands picking their names with Mafuyu feeling uneased.

During lunch break, Mafuyu, Shogo, Ryuu, & Ritsuka rock paper scissor's with Ritsuka losing. Mafuyu, Shogo, & Ryuu request their orders to Ritsuka, as he heads to go get them. Mafuyu asks Shogo about the bicycle & if it's his with Shogo telling him that the bicycle has been handed down for generations & that Mafuyu can use the bike to go to the convenience store. Mafuyu is asked by Ryuu if he's feeling better with Mafuyu telling him that he felt better after he slept. Mafuyu is complimented by Shogo on the show & tells him that Ryuu was crying.

At the studio, Mafuyu stands near Haruki looking & the account & is told to contribute.

Outside, Mafuyu asks Akihiko if he has any recommendations for music with Akihiko compiling a music playlist & Mafuyu thanking him. Mafuyu walks during the night & stops at a local store. Mafuyu looks at the guitar strings & is suddenly karate chopped on the head by someone. Mafuyu turns around to see Hiiragi & Shizusumi & asks which one of these strings won't break. Mafuyu is asked by Hiiragi that there's no such thing with him feeling a little disappointed. Mafuyu is asked why by Hiiragi with Mafuyu telling him that his broke the other day, even though he changed them. Mafuyu is asked by Hiiragi if he has razors in his fingers with Mafuyu telling him of course not. Mafuyu picks a package of guitar strings & Hiiragi asks Mafuyu if he's going to continue with his band. Mafuyu agrees & tells him that their going to do another show. Mafuyu is told by Hiiragi that he wouldn't mind checking it out if he has the time with Mafuyu telling Hiiragi that's okay & that he doesn't have to come if he doesn't want to. Mafuyu notices Hiiragi becoming irritated with Mafuyu telling him that he said he was busy with Hiiragi telling Mafuyu that he'll go if he has time.

During the day, Mafuyu & Ritsuka wave goodbye to Haruki & Akihiko as they board the subway train. While on the train, Mafuyu asks Ritsuka if he has any plans with Ritsuka telling him that he doesn't & if he has something to say, out with it. Mafuyu is asked by Ritsuka If there is somewhere he wants to go & that he doesn't have the money to go far, but he'll take him wherever he wants.

At Yokohomo Minato Mirai, Mafuyu looks around with Ritsuka wondering why they came here & begins running off. While Ritsuka tries to call for Mafuyu, Mafuyu smiles back at Ritsuka. Mafuyu asks Ritsuka if Minato Mirai is amazing & tells him that it's his first time here with Ritsuka telling him that he came here a few times before for school stuff. Mafuyu tells Ritsuka that it seems like a popular date spot with Ritsuka about to become irritated, but is stopped by Mafuyu's hair blowing in the wind. Mafuyu nudges next to Ritsuka & tells him that he likes him. Mafuyu tells Ritsuka that he loves him.

Episode #11 Song2