Mafuyu's Father is a character in the Given manga and anime, with the aforementioned Mafuyu being his son.

Appearance:ugly? idk hes a bitch

Personality: kind hearted except when with mafuyu then he beast that bitch Lmao.

Relationships:his prison guard after getting caught beating his son (Boyfriend)

Trivia: His favorite song is

☀Shawty's like🏩 a👭🤖👲🏾 melody in🍆👏 my💕 head👏💆

That😐😐 I👁🙋👀 can't🍆 keep👌 out😡
Got🉐 me😷 singin' like👌🏼
Na⏹ na🚱🙈 na⛸ na🕺 everyday🤗
It's🕛🕛 like💦 my‼ ipod stuck👥❌ on🔛 replay, replay-ay-ay-ay

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