This story page covers everything on Koji Yatake's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #03 Somebody Else
Yatake noticing Tsubaki

Yatake Noticing Tsubaki

He is first introduced looking for Tsubaki.
Episode #04 Fluorescent Adolescent
Yatake arriving at the coffee shop

Yatake arriving at the coffee shop

He meets up with Haruki and talks to him about doing a live show.
Episode #08 Time Is Running Out
Yatake watching the band (85)

Yatake watching the band

At the café, Yatake talks to Haruki about his schedule, practicing, and the show. Yatake is informed by Haruki that it is raining outside and forgets to bring his umbrella. Haruki lets Yatake borrow his umbrella with Yatake telling him that he's his hero.

During rehearsal, Yatake makes introductions to each band, including Ritsuka's band.

Haruki speaking with Yatake (104)

Yatake & Haruki speaking

During the day of the performance, Yatake surprises Haruki and asks if they're going to be okay. Yatake tells Haruki about his vocalist with Haruki telling him if he could play a song or two before the setup. Yatake agrees and tells Haruki that he was the one who invited them, so he'll cover them if he has to.
Episode #9 A Winter Story

At the live performance, Yatake & his band members announce their last song for the crowd. Yatake looks over at the crowd to see Haruki doing sign languages. Yatake realizes the sign languages & announces to the crowd of doing a few more songs.

On the stage, Yatake & his band members start leaving.

After the performance, Yatake talks to Haruki & Akihiko about the vocalist with Haruki & Akihiko cheering with their cups.

Episode #10 Wonderwall

At the café, Yatake comes to visit Haruki & talks to him about yesterday's show. Yatake tells Haruki about how he was able to edit the video & audio & was able to turn it into a chip. Haruki becomes delighted with the gift & tells Yatake what he can do to repay him. Yatake tells Haruki that he wants them to play another show & where they will go from here. Haruki & Yatake begin to blow off steam & Haruki is left embarrassed. Before Yatake heads out, Akihiko arrives at the café with Haruki trying to explain to him that he has the wrong impression.

Episode #11 Song2
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