Yatake Kouji is Haruki 's college classmate in the Given manga, as well as a musician and video editor who helps promote bands.

Appearance Edit

Yatake is quite tall compared to other people and has the top section of his hair tied, with the sides and lower part of his hair shaved.

For clothing he is seen wearing a collared short sleeved shirt and light shorts.

Personality Edit

A good organizer at a concert venue, Yatake is also supportive offering to cover Haruki's band if they require more time.

Story Edit

Kouji does film editing in a small company. He's a bassist-cum-vocalist. He is close friends with Haruki as they are from the same film major. Mixing both his interest and the chance to make money, he makes music videos for bands he's chummy with.

He is first introduced looking for Tsubaki.

He meets up with Haruki and talks to him about doing a live show.

code. 9 Edit

On the day of the concert, Yatake calls everyone to attention to announce they have some young ones among them and for the adults to support them. Checking with Haruki if his band are alright, Yatake says he will do his part and call them out as planned but he can cover them if need be.

code. 10 Edit

After performing, Yatake enthusiastically thanks the crowd. Apologizing for making them wait for the next band since Yatake did end up covering for Haruki, he announces they are leaving and for the crowd to forgive them.

code. 11 Edit

He turns around in shock at hearing Mafuyu singing live during their performance.

Trivia Edit

  • Spent a year retaking his entrance exam which was why he entered university the same time as Haruki. He has since graduated and has gotten his bachelor's degree.
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