Hikaru Yamaguchi is the director of the Given Anime.

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"When I was told I would be directing the series, I was reading several pages of the manga and wondering to myself how best to lay out each scene. I was surprised because before I even took it up my brain was already intent on bringing it to life on the screen. I got to work, and for the first time ever, my body said ‘I want to do this.’ Music, friends, companionship, the person you like, joy, sadness, impatience, jealousy. These are the things I want to convey―the intertwined emotions of youth. We live in a diverse society.  I wish for lots of people to watch it, even if on their own."

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From music, friends to favorite people and emotions ranging from joy, sadness, impatience and jealousy, Hikaru wished that as many people as possible can watch this youth group drama in this diverse world.[1]

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