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"Kashima Hiiragi wants to be forgiven. Doesn't matter by whom, he wants to be forgiven. More than anyone, he wants Mafuyu to forgive him." ― Kashima Hiiragi[1]

Note, this is the anime page for Hiiragi Kashima, for the manga page: Hiiragi Kashima.

Hiiragi Kashima (鹿島 柊) is a high school student who, along with Mafuyu, seems to know something about Mafuyu’s guitar. He is also Mafuyu's former classmate. He formerly played bass in a band along with his childhood friends Yuki, and Yagi.


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He has dyed yellow blonde hair and natural dark brown hair with his fringe parted to the sides. The hair length is short enough to show his ears and Hiiragi wears a white collared shirt untucked into his grey trousers with the top button undone with a loose light green tie with darker green diagonally horizontal stripes running down it. He wears 3 pairs of white ringed ear piercings on his left ear. He also wears a darker green blazer with the white ends of the sleeves rolled up to his forearms and a pair of laced boots.


He has a very sweet personality towards others and worries about his friends as well as wanting to encourage them. Hiiragi is also very observant and can often tell from his close friends what their thoughts and feelings are. He tends to scold people he is conversing with and can from time to time act flippant.


  • Hiiragi is currently the oldest and previous band member out of Yuki, Yagi, and Mafuyu.