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Haruki Nakayama (中山 春樹) is the bass player in Ritsuka's band in the Given anime.


Character haruki

Haruki has long light brown hair with his fringe clipped in place on top leaving his forehead seeable as his hair is held back tied behind his head. The bangs on his fringe hang down on either side of his face and reach down towards his chin. He has light brown eyes and a small amount of stubble on his chin. Haruki is physically tall and wears a pale orange, a buttonless hoody with the sleeves around the midsection of his forearms. The hoody leaves his black buttoned undershirt over a white one on display. In addition, for trousers, he has a moss green pair and brown shoes with white soles.


Haruki is carefree both in his interactions with others and playing bass guitar, humming on occasion depending on his whim. He tends to Mafuyu allowing him into the studio and is encouraging on his progress.

At a Glance Story

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Haruki finds newcomer Mafuyu Sato at the studio, along with his bandmates Akihiko Kaji and Ritsuka Uenoyama. They perform an acoustic song for Mafuyu who came to listen to a band play with Haruki playing bass guitar. Finding Mafuyu again, Haruki compliments him on changing his guitar strings by himself.[2]


  • Haruki is responsible for arranging the formation of the band by gathering Akihiko and Ritsuka.
  • He drives a van with the license plate number: 580 22-58


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