Quotes from Haruki Nakayama in the Given series.

  • (To Ritsuka) "Music is all about communication, right?"
  • (To Ritsuka & Akihiko) "Music is all about communication."
  • (To self) "Ever since I fell in love with Akihiko, It's been like my prayer for something to happen..."
  • (To Ritsuka) "Weren't you the one that fixed it for him when it happened the first time?"
  • (To Ritsuka) "Just make sure you go cool off before we go on, okay? Seriously."
  • (To Mafuyu) "Make sure you tweet sometime, too, Mafuyu. We're all going to be sharing the same account."
  • (To Ritsuka & Mafuyu) "I mean it, though! Make sure you don't post anything hinting that you're dating!"
  • (To Akihiko) "Please, don't say anymore! I'm already embarrassed about that smug look on my face!"
  • (To Hanaoka) "Guess I'll cut my hair, then. Maybe go for something girls would like more."
  • (To self) "I'm honestly happy just staring at this guy, and everyday is a climax, so I thought I was fine having a one-sided crush on him."
  • (To Akihiko) “Please, don’t make a face like your heart is breaking. What is it? Tell me... I’ll do anything for you!”
  • (To self) “Even though Akihiko was responsible for pushing me to rock bottom, he was also the one who pull me up from the depths of despair.”
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