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Fuyu no Hanashi



Winter’s Story


Episode 9

Insert track
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“冬のはなし” (Fuyu no Hanashi, Winter’s Story) is the insert track performed by the band The Seasons (Later renamed to Given) in episode 9 of the anime adaptation of Kizu Natsuki’s manga Given. It is also a part of the CD Marutsu.


The song started out as a vocal melody that Mafuyu had invented. A year later, he meets Ritsuka, who is completely shaken once he heard Mafuyu sing it, so asks him to be the vocalist for his band. Ritsuka composes a guitar riff for the track and now it was up to Mafuyu to complete the lyrics.

Mafuyu was dealing with his boyfriend’s suicide that had happened last winter and he had been repressing his feelings for a year, stretching out the writing process to the very end. He wrote this song about him, talking about his inability to move on and how lost and emotionless he has felt since then.

However, by the end of Mafuyu’s performance, he had some sort of closure, finally expressing his feelings by singing them out loud. At last, he sang “Even though I couldn’t say goodbye, you’ll always be here with me”.