code. 8 is the name of the first chapter of Volume 2 of the Given manga, and the eighth chapter overall.

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With one week left until the live event, Kaji proposes they actually stop practicing to Haruki, Ritsuka and Mafuyu’s varied reactions. Although Mafuyu’s guitar playing has reached a passing mark now, Haruki feels that the lyrics not being done is the more dangerous problem here.

Kaji does not think Mafuyu will be able to write the song lyrics if they keep endlessly practicing in the studio. Counting on Haruki and Ritsuka together, Kaji offers to take Mafuyu on his motorbike. Alone, Kaji uses the opportunity to hint that he does not think Mafuyu will be able to write the lyrics unless Mafuyu has made peace with his past of which Kaji remains pretending that he knows nothing about.

Haruki is finding it challenging to support Rituka as Kaji suggested. As he drives he compares the situation to a board game where each roll of the dice bar one will result in an unfavorable outcome.

Though the aim is to alight Ritsuka’s passion, Haruki states that he thinks the reason Kaji said to stop practicing may be Ritsuka’s fault. Although shocked, Ritsuka listens as Haruki says that his playing is getting worse and he puts it down to Ritsuka feeling over conscious of Mafuyu but he is aware that they are even further from the goal of easing the unspoken tensions in the band. The planned effort ended in dropping Mafuyu off fine, but Ritsuka is left in shock.

Seven days until the live, Kaji awakens and leaves his partner sleeping as he prepares coffee. Aware that the Kanto region will have rain in the early season he prepares breakfast and Ugetsu asks to let him have a bite, too. Kaji discusses practicing the drums in preparation for the live, and Kaji asks if Ugetsu will come to see.

Awakening, Mafuyu thinks about Kaji’s words about conveying or running away from his inner feelings. It is 9.20am, June 28th and Mafuyu receives a text from Hiiragi to look outside his window. Hiiragi is stood in the car park and calls him to come out and play with him.

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