code. 7 is the name of the first chapter of Volume 2 of the Given manga and the seventh overall.



Kaji remembers someone as his first love. Haruki is doing well on his guitar but Kaji observes that both Ritsuka and Mafuyu are in bad shape. Ritsuka loudly berates Mafuyu stating he has made no progress before Haruki tells him to stop scolding him, Ritsuka has also been acting strangely recently before he realizes the unspoken implications of what he has said.

Kaji calls for a break from practice and concerned they may disband raises the underlying tensions and reasons for the one on one with Ritsuka. Small talk leads to getting straight to the point as Kaji asks if something happened between Ritsuka and Mafuyu assuming both that Ritsuka likes him and has made a move. Ritsuka is astounded at the intimated question in its entirety. With the topic breached Ritsuka asks if he is strange, Kaji candidly shares that he has experienced those feelings too in the past. He ends by informing Ritsuka that Mafuyu is trying to live up to his expectations and so Ritsuka is responsible for supporting him.

During cleanup, Ritsuka helps a girl and there she tearfully apologizes for saying such a cruel thing about Mafuyu. They are overseen by two of his friends and Mafuyu as she says it was sly what she did. Mafuyu concludes that everyone likes Ritsuka because he is so kind to everyone.

Mafuyu hears from his class friends that they will be attending his live performance. He wonders what he wants to convey to them. During practice, they notice he has improved before Kaji takes Haruki leaving Ritsuka alone with Mafuyu. It has been two months since they met and as Mafuyu sleeps his hands are checked by Ritsuka. Awakening where they both think nothing of it he tells Mafuyu to try his best with the song lyrics but in actuality, he does not want to see or hear the song, scared of what Mafuyu is going to write when he is in love with someone.

As Kaji and Haruki give them time Kaji reminisces on his love once more as he realizes that Ritsuka’s feelings are a bomb with the potential to tear the band apart.



  • Page 2 of Chapter 7 has an image of Akihiko listening to weather reports on the radio which is a scene on page 58 of the next Chapter 8.
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