code. 6 is the name of the sixth chapter of the Given Manga Adaption.

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It sinks in for Ritsuka when he hears that Mafuyu was going out with someone from Ryuu. Hearing that he has passed away, Ritsuka realizes that Yuuki was the one who gave Mafuyu his guitar.

Mafuyu is found by Hiiragi where they discuss why he has taken up the music, whether it was to move forward or because he feels imprisoned, but he does not know and leaves. Yagi meets with Hiiragi where they along with someone called Saeko are revealed to be Mafuyu’s childhood friends.

Ritsuka is thinking when Yayoi and Akihiko arrive home where the latter shares a song suitable to Mafuyu’s voice but agree it is best to let him write the lyrics. Mafuyu feels it is impossible but Ritsuka, grabbing his face attempts to convince him he can do it.

When he asks what he should write about, Haruki raises the unspoken issue of writing about the love he has experienced of which the notion is physically shut down by Kaji and not spoken of further.

Privately with Haruki, Mafuyu asks him if he has someone he loves and what would he say if that person suddenly disappeared from the world. Mafuyu also does know what to say as he wonders what to write.

With his friends keen for basketball, Ritsuka instead uses the time before to head to his nap area. Mafuyu is also there and Ritsuka feels he was careless to go there having not sorted his thoughts about Mafuyu.

He wants to talk to Ritsuka and shares that he was in love with someone in the past. Right now he cannot express his feelings in words but still wants to convey them. Hearing that there is someone he loves, Ritsuka understands that what he is feeling is jealousy.

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