code. 5 is the name of the fifth chapter of the Given manga.

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Ritsuka is seen practicing by his sister Yayoi, who later on meets Kaji to ask if they are preparing to play live.

Awakening in class, Ritsuka joins Mafuyu who has come to see him and they discuss unit amplifiers for their guitars. Mafuyu is amazed to hear that Ritsuka has been preparing a song for him.

The school year continues with part-time jobs, Ritsuka showing Mafuyu sing, to them playing basketball. One time as the band decides to make one tune into a song they then part ways with Akihiko staying at Kaji’s place where he falls asleep on top of him.

The next day in class everyone pairs up together with Ritsuka drawing a portrait of a classmate. There, discussing whether Mafuyu likes Rikka, it is shared that she learned from her friend that Mafuyu was going out with a guy in the same middle school as him and that his boyfriend suddenly committed suicide last year.

Hearing this, where Ritsuka previously thought things were going smoothly and the world was turning faster than ever, it all of a sudden stopped.

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