code. 4 is the name of the fourth chapter of the Given manga.


Story Edit

Mafuyu walks by himself, holding onto his guitar that someone he can never meet again treasured.

Haruki sees Kaji arrive on a motorbike helping a girl down he was dropping off to class. He curses Kaji before a message Ritsuka sent is brought up about Mafuyu joining their band. Together they discuss why Ritsuka is so keen for him to join.

In class Ritsuku's friends point out he has been acting strange lately. He is indignant that Mafuyu, in fact, declined the offer to join his band contrary to his expectations. He thinks of Mafuyu’s voice and is adamant he is not going to give up like this.

During band practice, Kaji and Karuki react mostly with laughter that Mafuyu declined Ritsuku's offer. He then thinks that Mafuyu is avoiding him but is absent as he has an interview for a part-time job though Ritsuka is further out the loop not knowing Mafuyu’s number, Karuki suggests communicating with him better.

Having gained the job Mafuyu walks home where he comes across Ritsuka waiting on a corner. He asks about his interview but they are interrupted by an old friend of Mafuyu’s who notes he has Yoshida’s guitar. Ritsuka takes Mafuyu’s arm when he abruptly turns to leave and states he is not good at expressing himself. Ritsuka angrily thinks otherwise after hearing him sing and asks to hear it again and wonders if he became a mess after he met him.

Stood by himself, Kaji finds an unstated matter unexpected.

Notes Edit

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