code. 2 is the name of the second chapter of the Given manga.


Mafuyu watches The Seasons practice. After, Mafuyu askes Uenoyama to teach him to play the guitar again.

Uenoyama expects to see Mafuyu waiting for him, but he isn't there.

Akihiko points out to Uenoyama that he was hyped during the practice session that Mafuyu was at.



Kaji and Haruki respond well to Mafuyu wanting to learn about music, but Ritsuka is not certain on account that he is an amateur. Regardless they are keen to impress as Ritsuka asks Mafuya what does he want to hear.

After performing, Ritsuka walks back with Mafuyu asking why does he have to take him all the way to the station. Mafuyu requests to come again and also if Ritsuka can teach him to play the guitar. Ritsuka tells him to stop asking, having never taught anyone before.

Arriving home, Ritsuka finds his sister Yayoi and asks her what he was like first learning guitar as he contemplates teaching Mafuyu.

At basketball practice Ritsuka finds himself thinking of Mafuyu yet when he visits their spot he is not there. Kaji is another friend to notice that Ritsuka is absent-minded recently before suggesting that he should look after Mafuyu having seen how hyped Ritsuka was when playing guitar before him.

At practice, Haruki points out to Ritsuka that Mafuyu has come today. He has lengthened the guitar strings himself and did visit the light music club but Ritsuka, Kaji and Haruki are taken aback to hear Mafuyu say that Ritsuka was cooler and requests again for him to teach him the guitar.


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