code. 21 is the title of the twenty-first chapter of the Given manga.


Mafuyu and Ritsuka was shocked to see Haruki with a short haircut. The band practice was out of sync. Haruki and Akihiko started being roommates.



At practice, Mafuyu and Ritsuka were shocked at Haruki’s new haircut. Haruki told them that the weather had been too hot so he had cut them short. When they asked Akihiko about the bruises on his face, Akihiko tried to use the same reason as Haruki but it was quickly shot down by the duo.

The night earlier, when Haruki arrived home he asked Akihiko to leave, saying that he’s too tired to deal with the situation and it was the best option for both of them. However, Akihiko confesses that he had nowhere to go. He said that he had been couch-surfing random places for the past few days. He was willing to do anything and he said that he knew what he did to Haruki the previous day was wrong. Haruki was shocked at first but eventually let Akihiko stay, saying that it was for the sake of the band. He had thought that Akihiko looked so vulnerable so he caved in.

Mafuyu was pissed that the band was so out of sync. He started giving Haruki an earful but Haruki only apologized calmly and said that it’ll be okay. When the practice was finished, Haruki tried to leave quickly. Haruki thought that he was pathetic as he couldn’t keep up with everyone. He felt like everyone else was doing great including Akhiko, but himself. As Akihiko caught up with him, Haruki bursted out asking what the band even needed him for. He said that he wasn’t a prodigy like everyone else and he couldn’t even keep up during practice.

Then, Akihiko told him that he was out of sync at practice because he kept looking down. He told Haruki to look at him if he didn’t want to look ahead. Akihiko also told him that the band needs him because someone has to be the stable base to support the prodigies. The mood lifted a bit as Haruki processed what Akihiko had said.

Since then, Akihiko and Haruki began their cohabitation life. Haruki admitted that he had plunged into despair because of Akihiko but Akihiko was also the one that pulled him out of it. Over time, his anger towards Akihiko also dissipated.


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